All types of likes and dislikes, prides and prejudices, loves and hatreds keep creeping into our personal consciousness, frittering our energy, and keeping us away from the ultimate goal and purpose of life; to wit, self-realization. This ignorance of the aim of life is a serious malady we are afflicted with, and it is the cause of bondage – bondage of the soul to a world “bursting with sin and sorrow.” We have, therefore, to take a turn from this drama of hectic activity and find the still-centre of our being within the human body where the All-pervading and All-free Power resides.

Sant Kirpal Singh


be good · do good · be one

The great spiritual teachers of all time spoke of spirituality as the chance to regain our own inner greatness. They witnessed the oneness with God as a practical experience and described it as a mystic state of inner intoxication beyond mind and sensory perception. They did not tire of emphasising that what one person could achieve can be achieved by another one as well. But which can be our approach today?
Though philosophies and religious scriptures give hints, in the end, they remain only theoretical. The term spirituality is often confused with blind faith in sacred books, the display of miracles, spiritual healing, supernatural phenomena or yoga powers. But its alphabet begins where all philosophies and yoga practices end.

Spirituality directly concerns the soul and its link to God. The possibility of self-knowledge and God-knowledge is the privilege of man, it exists at all times, even today. The inner way implies an ethical way of life and meditation.


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