Contentment and detachment

Masters do not say that you must leave everything (and retire to solitude). Live in the world, earn money, but live above it, so that you are not attached with those things. If you remain attached to those worldly things, you will have to come back to suffer with those things. Everyone will have to suffer then, one cannot be happy in this way. You may have attained those things happily or unhappily – the result will be unpleasant…

If you want to be happy in the world, keep all other people happy. Don’t give bad attention to them, don’t injure their feelings. Overall contentment means, you have to become a (perfect) man from all directions, from all sides. You will never be hungry if you give the food to others first. If you always take pity on others and think that they are like us (you will help them and) you will never be hungry. You want to be loved here and hereafter? Love all others with all your heart – but without attachment. Love means: If you find a problem in somebody, try to remove it lovably. Love knows no burden. If you carry the burden on your shoulders and you feel the burden, it is no love. Once you carry some burden, you should never feel that you are burdened. With love you can carry the burden of whole the world.


Dr. Harbhajan Singh


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