Prayer, the condition of the heart

Prayer is the condition of the heart. Prayer is the condition of one’s thought.

Dr. Harbhajan Singh

Dr. Harbhajan Singh on prayer:

Prayer is the condition of the heart. Prayer is the condition of one’s thought. Maybe it is not spoken, but it is there, like a fire which is dormant. So some people make prayers just to get rid of some problems. Some people make prayers to be very rich in the world, to be good in the eyes of others, they want to be popular. Some people pray for salvation. Some only pray for the sake of love of God.

So the prayer which we do on the level of senses, that is for the worldly pleasures. If our prayers are heard, we say we are very happy. So in the world you see people who say, “No, I am not happy”, some people say, “Oh, we are very happy.” We are happy, but we are not contented from within. So we use the Godpower, we wish Him only on the level of worldly way. If our wishes are granted, or if these are given, we say, “Oh, God is very happy with us.” If those wishes are not fulfilled, we even abuse the Godpower, “Oh, who is that Godpower? He has not done good things for me.”

So what is the most important, which is the most loveable prayer, which all Masters stressed upon us? Guru Nanak prayed, Sant Kirpal Singh also prayed, all other Masters: they prayed for Him (God): They wanted Him, only Him. So what is there? When one cries helplessly, the Godpower comes to help. Then help is there. So far we do it (on our own self), we pray with our own helps, help is not possible. Help is only possible when you become helpless, when you surrender to that Power. Then this Power comes to help you.

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