Be the change that you wish to see in the world.

Mahatma Gandhi

Ethical living

We find guidelines for an ethical way of life in all religions, be it the Ten Commandments, the Sermon on the Mount of Christ or the eightfold path of Buddha. Unfortunately, they are often perceived as limitations only, if one does not go deeper and only looks at them from the outside. In spirituality, the motivation for an ethical lifestyle comes from within. Having the awareness that all life is one, one does not want to hurt or harm anyone.

This perspective also creates a natural attitude to not take more than one needs – to distinguish between wish and necessity. How important this is in the impact on our earth and environment is shown to us today more and more. Be it the problems of world nutrition, animal suffering, climate change or economic crisis, the solution always lies in a change of consciousness. But this can neither be enforced by law nor achieved by pressure or coercion. By leading a spiritually oriented and mindful way of life one cannot only bring about a change for oneself, but also be an inspiration for others.

In India, such a way of life is called Sadachar. Sant Kirpal Singh explains the term as follows:

The word Sadachar is not easy to translate. One can find many literal equivalents, but none of them really expresses its extensive and many-sided significance. In brief, it stands for the good and pure life. It does not imply any rigid code or set moral formulae, but suggests purity and simplicity, which radiate from within and spread outwards, permeating every action, every word, every thought.


We must learn to love all living creatures, and more so our fellow human beings, as all are the children of the same Supreme Father. Thereby we are not only true to ourselves, but true to the community, to the nation or country to which we belong; and above all, to humanity at large. This leads to the progressive expansion of the Self until it embraces the entire universe and one becomes a world citizen with a cosmopolitan outlook in its truest sense, deserving of God’s grace.

Sant Kirpal Singh

Peace starts from the heart

Interview with Dr. Harbhajan Singh, World Conference on the Unity of Man 1994

Question: The situation in the world is very bad, many wars are going on, people don‘t understand each other, there is so much hatred and ill will. What can be done in this respect?

Dr. Harbhajan Singh: We should start from ourselves, because first we have to settle our home and home affairs. And if we are true to ourselves, we are true to others. This problem starts from man to man and then from country to country, from religion to religion. And all that, I told you, to discriminate all those things from the very core of our heart, and there is no problem.

Sant Kirpal Singh, The most natural way

Dr. Harbhajan Singh, Harmony

Serving selflessly