Sant Kirpal Singh was president of the first World Conference on the Unity of Man in 1974, which also marked the beginning of the movement of Unity of Man. Since then, Unity of Man has been organising the conferences about the underlying unity among all mankind in the same spirit as first envisioned by Sant Kirpal Singh.

In his welcome address, Sant Kirpal Singh set up the following goals:

“This convention aims to unite all mankind on the common ground of service to fellow human beings and faith in divine power, and to accomplish that, it urges the religious and ethical leadership of the world to shed apathy and aloofness and assume a more prominent role in human affairs.

Such conferences in the past have been organized at the level of religions, and consequently have not been able to achieve integration in the required measure. A significant feature of this conference is that it is being organized at the level of man, as envisioned by saints and prophets like Socrates, Buddha, Mohammed, Christ, Kabir, and Nanak, so that it may lead to true integration. The challenging task before the religious and spiritual leaders is to bring about a radical change in the ethical, educational and economic status of humanity. Economic uplift is essential because “a hungry man is an angry man” and to talk of God to him is a mockery.

I am confident that each one of us fully realizes the significance of this cosmopolitan meeting and will extend his whole-hearted support toward the fulfillment of its objectives: developing human understanding and heralding the unity of mankind. Let us pledge ourselves to this task, transcending all narrow allegiances and commitments, and stand united and resolute until its ultimate fulfillment.”

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The first World Conference in Delhi in 1974 was followed by a series of national and local meetings and smaller conferences, as well as two other world conferences in Kirpal Sagar in 1994 and 2007, which have become milestones. Through the various conferences, an amicable, lasting contact with representatives of the various faiths and personalities of public life has developed.

Conferences on human unity continue to be held on a smaller or larger scale and encourage us to live the ideal of unity in our daily lives.