God is an Ocean of All-Intoxication, bliss and joy, and our souls are of the same essence as that of God: our souls are also of the same nature – the reflection of the same intoxication, bliss and joy is in us, too. But our souls are expressed in the form of attention, and that has been drawn out or distributed in so many ways. If the attention is withdrawn from the outside and concentrated at one place, then you will find the same intoxication in you.

 Sant Kirpal Singh


Originally, meditation had the goal of becoming one with the Overself.  Today many different purposes have been raised instead, such as improving the ability to concentrate, stress reduction, health, etc.

However, the goal or meaning of meditation is closely related to the aim of human life – our life should come to a good end. A mystic says: “Learn to die so that you can begin to live”. What is meant by that?

We are the inhabitant of the body, the soul or the self. The outer expression of the soul is attention – the stream of consciousness that gives life to the whole body. The attention is the connection of the soul to the outside. Through attention we perceive outer things through our sense organs, and through the attention we identify ourselves with the world. All senses only work when the attention is connected to them. When the moment comes that we have to leave the body forever, the attention withdraws and the body remains like an empty shell.
This process of withdrawing from the body, which takes place in dying, is similar to the process of withdrawing in meditation – with the one difference that in meditation, a connection to the body remains. The withdrawal of attention always takes place in the same way: from the feet upwards to its starting point, the seat of the soul at the “Third Eye”. At this point the soul leaves the body. This is the place where the soul is connected to the higher power, which is called the Over-Self, God, Father and by many other names – He cannot be defined, but He is the base of our existence. This power gives life to us, whether we are aware of it or not. The God power is the base of our existence.

As long as we are only identified externally, we feel separated from Him. If we become conscious of the relation to Him during life, we will go with Him in the end and not alone.

This way is the natural way, the path trod by the saints, unlike the ways invented by human beings. These lead into the body, e.g. into the chakras (energy centres), use breathing techniques (pranayama), or awaken the Kundalini power. The masters know all about these techniques and warn that they are long, complicated ways for which the modern man is no longer fit and which also hold dangers. By these techniques or methods derived from various Yogas, the attention is always directed into the body, which we have to leave in the end, with no exception. If one has not learned to withdraw from the body, the dying process becomes very difficult.

The saints and masters, on the other hand, teach the way of meditation that leads beyond body-consciousness and connects the soul at its seat with the God power which manifests in form of light and sound (Naam). Although it is the most natural way, one should not try to follow it on one’s own. One needs initiation to get this experience, not to get lost in the inner realms. Moreover, to follow the inner path is a life decision, and meditation is not simply a question of “technique”. It is about what is really important to us and for what we develop a prevailing inclination. Sant Kirpal Singh gave the instruction to continue initiation in his name.

We live in a special time, in which not only one world age, but a whole cycle of ages is coming to an end. Therefore, the highest power works directly, without the need for an external master. Whether prayer or meditation, this power sees our heart. In the life of every person there come moments when God “knocks at the door”, moments when we are deeply touched inside. If we hold on to them and develop longing for more, we have the golden chance to fulfil our destiny: Self-knowledge and God-knowledge.

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