Kirpal Sagar

Built by volunteers from the world over, committed to the ideal of practising unity in humanity, the Kirpal Sagar project has developed since it was founded in 1982 by Dr. Harbhajan Singh, himself following Sant Kirpal Singh‘s vision of a man-making, man-service and land-service centre. Together with his wife, Surinder Kaur, the project flourished and continues to flourish today. 

Located in northern India, Kirpal Sagar embodies the ideals of Unity of Man. Belonging, as it does, to humanity, people there share an openness and peaceful cooperation in recognition of our inherent unity. The project not only promotes the physical and intellectual development of man, but also the spiritual pursuit of higher virtues and right understanding which belies the national, religious or social differences between us.

In Kirpal Sagar, you find the following facilities:

  • Kirpal Sagar Charitable Hospital
    People in need receive free or affordable treatment
  • Old people’s home
    For destitute old people without support from their families
  • Kirpal Sagar Academy
    A boarding and day school
  • Farm
    Agriculture and dairy farming make the project self-sustained
  • Langar and Guesthouse
    A free common kitchen and accommodation for guests from East and West
  • Library
    For a comparative study of religious writings
  • Kirpal Bhawan
    Assembly Hall for conferences, lectures and festivities
  • Sarovar
    A place of silence and contemplation