Humility and simplicity

Humility does not consist in hiding our talents and virtues, in thinking ourselves worse and more ordinary than we are, but in possessing a clear knowledge of all that is lacking in us, and not exalting ourselves for that which we have, seeing that God has freely given it to us, for with all His gifts, we are still of infinitely little importance.


Sant Kirpal Singh about humility:

The man who, losing himself, finds God – finds Him everywhere and in everyone – bends before all, offers homage of his heart to all. This is true humility. It is not a forced sense of lowliness. Such a one lives in unity with all. He is in others and others are in him. It is the fake ego-self that gives rise to the sense of discord and separation. When the illusion of ego is broken, one feels, “I am not apart from others, but others are parts of the One, God, the Master, and all of us are engaged in the same service of God.”

Each one of us is unique in his own way. There is a divine purpose behind the life of everyone who comes into the world; no one has been created for nothing. We have something to learn from everyone. This is the mystery of humility.

The truly humble person does not compare himself with others. He knows that none of us, however evolved, is perfect; none of us is complete in himself. The humble person does not regard one as better than the other; he believes in the divinity of each. If one says and asserts that he is better than others, then he is not perfect yet.