The old teaching revived

In honour of Sant Kirpal Singh, from a talk by Dr. Harbhajan Singh:

Why did people love Sant Kirpal Singh when he was in the West? Because he revived the teaching of Christ. He gave the same thing which Christ used to give. He respected all teachings, because he was the giver of the teaching. Master gave that experience which happens when we leave the physical body – this is the same experience of which Christ told: “Learn to die, so that you may begin to live!”

Those people who can give the very old, old experience, the old philosophy which ever existed in man, will never hate any religion, they will not hate any teaching. They will respect all teachings, because they only come to revive that teaching. Those who cannot give it, say, “No it is not right – I am telling you go this way!” They tell another way. But when Masters come into the world they respect the basic teaching of all the religions.

Wherever Sant Kirpal Singh went, he said: “Yes, sit (in meditation) and see, you can have that experience!” And he convinced people of the basic teaching of the religions, basic teaching of Christ. He was the one who in the 20th century could give the experience of Christ, who helped all others to solve the mystery of death. And this was the reason why the award of St. John Order of Jerusalem – Knights of Malta was given to him as a non-Christian, for the first time in history. This award meant that he did something for humanity according to the teaching of Christ.

Masters come and remove our shackles: Outer rituals and rites, different dogmas, caste, colour and creed, different countries, discrimination from one man to another – these are the shackles we are wearing. We are confined to one compartment, this is also a shackle. We say, “We have to remain only here, we cannot move, we don’t want to move.” So some people in the world are very much fixed on certain ideas. These are their own ideas, that is made from the mind, that is forced on them. Man is free in the world, he is independent to know the right subject of life, but he doesn’t understand.

So Masters remove this misunderstanding, they remove the shackles, and what do they give us? – The very right teaching, the right understanding, rather rare right understanding of its special significance, with which we can know ourselves and know God. That always remained their purpose, and so did Sant Kirpal Singh.


Extracts from a talk by Dr. Harbhajan Singh, December 1990.