The Beauty of the Saints

Saints, by their practical example, make us aspire to lead a spiritual life in perfection. Even after hundreds of years, people remember them with veneration and try to follow their footsteps, even if they themselves never noted down a single word. It is a great blessing to meet such a perfect being showing us an ideal way to live our daily lives in the remembrance of God.

Sant Kirpal Singh (Feb 6th, 1894 – Aug 21st, 1974), whose birthday we celebrate today, taught others mainly by his practical example and his radiation, which continues to shine through his words, as the following, where he describes the characteristics of a saint:

Talk by Sant Kirpal Singh in India:

Who is the Master? God is the Guru. We respect that human body where God manifests. …

Those who become conscious co-workers of the divine plan, we call them saints. The power is called God and the Word is called Guru. But “Word was made flesh and dwelt among us” (Bible) and guides the child humanity. The same thing is revealed in Gurbani (Holy Scripture of the Sikhs). When that power manifests in a human pole, then he unites us with God-into-action Power. … As a human pole, he serves as an ordinary person in the world. He is seen in every walk of life, but he rises above the body consciousness whenever he likes. His attention crosses over the skies.

He wears the human pole, but in the human pole, he is manifested God in man or man in God. He is also born like us. He is like us internally and externally. But then what is the difference? Our soul is identified with the mind and further the mind is identified with the outgoing faculties of the body and has started to enjoy all worldly pleasures, and it has so much identified with these outgoing faculties that he has forgotten himself and has forgotten the Creator. The soul has started to give power to the mind and its faculties. Remember that mind, outgoing faculties and intellect derive power from the soul. With attention or soul we feel our presence in the world. If you withdraw your attention, then there is nothing.

You might have experienced sometime that whilst sitting you are contemplating something and someone calls you. You don’t hear him because your attention is somewhere else. So long your attention is not identified with the sense organs, they do not react.

For example, there is a factory. There are many belts fitted with different departments. If you put off the belt of one department, it will stop. If you put off the main belt, the whole machinery will come to a standstill. Similarly, this machinery of the body takes the power from the soul. If your attention is given to one particular faculty, that faculty will only work. Otherwise, it will not work. If you withdraw from the body-consciousness, the whole body will become unconscious.

This is a wonderful house we live in and he whose soul is free from the mind and outgoing faculties of the mind becomes a conscious co-worker. If he wishes to see, he sees and if he does not wish to see, he does not. Ears are open, he may or may not hear. In the congregation of thousands, he may or may not feel the presence of anybody and of himself. Who has such a control over his attention, he is known as Sadhu, Saint or Mahatma.

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