Outer and inner religion

“God made man, and man made religions.” Our purpose is to let people know the true religion, the inner religion, that is one and the ­same for everybody, and it is without any shackle. If there are problems in the world, it is not due to the true religion, but due to the shackles, the narrow confines in the established religions. Those who rise above those shackles can do a lot for others.

Dr. Harbhajan Singh

From a speech by Sant Kirpal Singh, World Fellowship of Religions Conference, Teheran 1967:

God made man, and man made religions as the means of uniting himself with God. Each religion has an essential truth at its core, for otherwise, no religion can endure for long. But the basic religious truths have now become encrusted with the dust of ages, and lie buried under the dead-weight of verbiage encased in the archaic language of the time, and of the people who lived in different times and different climes in ages past, with ethnic traditions all their own, quite different from those prevailing today.
Yet with all these diversities in linguistic trappings, the mass symbolisms we see around us, the essentials they reveal are alike, if we but know how to decipher them correctly.