The Language of the Heart

During the conversations with Dr. Harbhajan Singh, in which a variety of topics always arose spontaneously, language was once also a topic:

“What is the language of the heart? You can understand me and I can understand you – this is the language of the heart. It is an unspoken language. It is a practical thing – you may not speak, but you can understand me and I can understand you. Is it not so? This is the language of the heart, it is the language of God. There nothing is spoken. Heart knows the heart.

As the radiation goes to you, you feel radiation coming from somewhere: You sit by a flower. The radiation of the flower goes to you. You smell it – it is a radiation of the flower that you smell. Then you know from the fragrance that this is a jasmine, or this is a rose. It says: “I am not a plant of another type, I am only a rose.” It convinces you: “I am not a plant of this (another) type, I am only a rose.”

Only by knowing the smell, you know that it is the fragrance from a rose. And it does not lie in the word, it is some feeling there. The feeling is there. So who smells it? The senses. And who gets the power? The senses get the power from the consciousness. When one is fully conscious, he knows each and everything. And when you are on a higher plane, then you are conscious, you need not to speak anything, everything comes itself.

What do we have to do with this language, whether German or any other? It has nothing to do with spirituality. It will cease, since when you just rise above the body consciousness, it will finish. It will not remain, it is learned with the intellect and the tongue. You will not work intellectually, you are above that. So there this [inner] language starts.

…A man may live all his life in a jungle without the company of anybody, he will not be able to speak. But he has the power to express each and everything. Language is something learned. The language is taught by the mother just to have contact while remaining in the world. All languages are good. But they convey nothing to the language of the heart. The language of the heart is very different, everyone can understand it.

…Language only comes when you speak it with the tongue. When you consciously think of something and you are not aware what is going on around you, that is not language, that is vibration that goes on. That is also a tongue of the soul, vibration from the soul.

 Dr. Harbhajan Singh, Kirpal Sagar, March 1985


“There is a language spoken in the home of our Father; that language is love. Speak in love, take everything in love, weed out everything (all shortcomings) in love. That is the way back to God, and you will soon go back to your home. This is the way back for everybody.”

Sant Kirpal Singh, Montreal, Oct. 1972