Cured by spiritual healing?

There has never been a time like the present, when so much knowledge about the human body exists and in such an accessible form, freely available to so many people. Nonetheless, the deeper knowledge, that could have been helpful in narrowing the choices of possible treatments for a disease, has been lost.

We know that our genetic disposition, lifestyles and psyche have an influence on our health. Less well known or accepted is the fact that our genetic heritage also reflects our individual karmic background. Thus, diseases may occur unexpectedly and without a recognisable cause, sometimes even at a young age, while others grow old without falling seriously ill.

Taking advantage of modern medicine and naturopathy for health problems does not interfere with karmic law. However, when these treatments sometimes reach their limits, more and more people, in their helplessness, turn to other methods such as: spiritual or miracle healers, the laying of hands, Reiki, aura therapy, light work and much more. Following the motto “whatever works is right”, various practices of spiritual healing have nowadays even found their way into the medical and wellness sector.

Just as serious side effects of medication often become known only after many years, hardly anyone nowadays is aware of the fatal consequences of spiritual healing. It is therefore important to draw attention to these.

Spiritual healing is like a loan from a bank. One has to pay back debts. In order to have the loan deferred, it is necessary to pay off the debt later with interest and compound interest. Likewise, spiritual healing cannot eliminate the karmic reactions, but only postpone the time when they have to be paid. At first it seems as if the illness has disappeared, but it may come back at a later time, or the reaction will occur in another form. All competent spiritual teachers have had insight into the underlying principles and have objected to it. Therefore, the practice of spiritual healing is shunned in higher religious teachings.

Sant Kirpal Singh explains it in detail:

The human body is the highest rung in creation, granted by providence for the spiritual perfection of soul during this incarnation. The soul in man being the essence of God Himself has the same attributes as those of God, but having been environed by mind and matter has lost its true heritage.
Soul in its present state is gravely enmeshed by body and bodily attachments, which are more or less the reaction of past karma, which it has been contracting all through up to the present incarnation. The present earth life is a passing phase in the long journey of the soul from the lower categories of creation on to the True Home of the Father. Physical body is material, but the soul is spiritual, but when reaction of karma occurs the man is bound to suffer pain and pleasure.

Now the sufferings demanding spiritual healing fall mainly in the domain of physical troubles, which may include even mental agonies such as nervous breakdown etc. These, being the reaction of past karma, must demand adjustment and as such are to be borne by the victim.

The healer, whoever he may be, conducting this service takes the karma on his head, to be borne by him at a later stage. Besides, the bit of spiritual attainment he has attained in silencing his mind, is dissipated in such gestures of a miracle healing. Moreover, this process of healing is administered on weaker minds, which usually fall a prey to their sentiments. What can ordinarily be cured by undergoing a bit of suffering and medicine, is exchanged for spiritual dissipation, and the debt remains standing, awaiting adjustment at a later stage.
Again, this sort of healing becomes professional and at times encourages corruption and misery. It not only invites mal-practices, but brings in more mental agony and wretchedness in multiplied form added with interest. This is a causal postponement of payment for a future date, and adds strong fetters over the soul.

Contrarily, the Masters advocate right living and right thinking (…) The healing which is said to have been administered by Jesus or others was of higher quality, as when you merge in the cosmic awareness, and lose your identity, you become so spiritual that even thinking of a person or those touching the hem of your garment will get healed, as termed colloquially in the Bible. You have not to exert on your part to heal others. Yet above all, it is the faith which cures…
The soul which has to go far higher to merge into the Oversoul, is retarded by engaging herself in lower pursuits.