Biji Surinder Kaur about Sant Kirpal Singh

Extract of a lecture 4.7.1999, St. Gilgen, translated from Punjabi

In order to understand the competency of the Master, we must know Him and His way. He is the inhabitant of the true home. To get the advantage of the spiritual way, we need the inner nectar from Him. From whom can we get it? Only from the one who is competent. (…)

That Power is unique, He comes to us in a human pole. He is the one who gives us grace. While living in His physical body, he does not have any spot of worldly things on Him. He does not have any shortcomings. His walk is like that of the chakor (mythical bird), and His eyes are shining like those of a lion. As one cannot see the walking of the chakor, in the same way one cannot realize how He is. When we stand before Him, we cannot withstand His eyes, as they are shining like a lion’s eyes, and we start trembling because of our weakness.

Even if thousands of people try to imitate Him, no one can be like Him, as no one can get the colour that He has inside. Where that Power lives, there He is the giver of grace, and free of cost He gives His mercy to all souls. As air, water, and sunlight are free, in the same way the teaching of the Saints is also given to us without being charged for it.

When Sant Kirpal Singh came on the stage to hold Satsang, everybody who saw His face was attracted by His radiation. With His inner radiation He united the souls. All people said, “Master was looking only at us.”

What is the beauty of the competent Master due to? He lives in modesty and full equipoise. That Murshid (spiritual teacher) has opened the inner door and established the house of truth for us. When the tree is loaden with fruits, its branches bow down to us, this is the highest blessing of Him. In the same way, with His Naam (the Word), the Murshid gives the colour of His nectar to His disciple.


Who may be called happy? Who is the companion of a Saint. And this is also today’s message for us: We should be united only with our Lord, with our Master, so that He may give His grace, however, not only to us He should give His blessing, but to His whole creation. When two or three of us are sitting together in His name, He is with us to listen to the voice of our heart. There is only one way to get peace: to sit under His flag, under His protecting umbrella, and to get His colour.