From a talk by Dr. Harbhajan in St. Gilgen, July 11th, 1993

What is this harmony? To be in tune with ourselves and then see this harmony within all. Masters come into the world only to bring a change to the heart of man. The Master does not change the outer man, though He changes the outer habits of man. That is what man-making means.

Guru Nanak said, “O Nanak, the whole world is in flames, the whole world is burning.” What is this fire? The hidden fire in man that makes a lot of problems rise and creates problems for others as well. So this fire is that of attachment, passions and otherness. This fire creates otherness, because man thinks that he knows it all much better and in spite of all actions – good or bad actions – he considers himself superior to all. In spite of the fact that he is at fault, he justifies himself as being true. It is his habit. How does a habit get created? When man does something wrong, there is some awakening; a voice from God saying that “you should not do it”, that it is not right. But man does it, then he does it for a second time, a third time, and a fourth time. He always gets some warning, but he does not respond to it. Man does whatever he likes. When one does it many times, it becomes a habit, and with the habit, reaction is there. So this way man is bound with habits and it is very difficult to leave the habits. Especially old persons are more bound with their habits, because they got used to them throughout their lives, one after another.

So Guru Nanak says that there is only one solution for all these problems, “O Nanak, the whole world is in flames; if there is anyone who just rises above, put Your gracious hand on him, save him!” This means just to take work from his awakening. Then man thinks over, “I am not doing good, I am bad, I am worse than everything. I want to be good, I want to solve the riddle of my life.” When these questions arise in man, it is awakening, it adds to the awakening, it increases the power of discrimination. Master says, “Such a person raises his head.” As Guru Nanak says, “If somebody raises his head, then put Your gracious hand on him, so that he is saved.” Once this gracious hand of the Master is on our head, He gives us holy wisdom. We are devoid of this holy wisdom only due to our ill thoughts, ill deeds and ill actions.

So if we really want to realize this harmony in us, we should beg for it from the Godpower. When we beg for something, He will give us something. A mother will not give poison to the child, she will give nourishing food to the child. As it is in the holy scriptures, there is a provision: there is water for the thirsty and bread for the hungry. It is there inside man, and one can have it.

Guru Nanak saw that the whole mankind, all human beings suffer from one and the same problem. He said, “O God, give peace to all the children, peace be all over the world. O Lord, bless my children with peace and harmony.” This is from the heart of a competent Master, because He does not discriminate. He loves all, also those who do not follow Him, even those who slander Him. Even for those who create problems for Him, He has good wishes. He wishes a better atmosphere, better chances for them to think of God. So Master is gracious to all, He is not the enemy of anyone. He begs for this grace from God, He is gifted with it and gives it to others.