Naam or Word

Sant Kirpal Singh

All the scriptures speak of Naam, but they are not able to satisfactorily explain what Naam is. It is impossible to define Naam or describe it in words. It could be described as a “life impulse” or a “conscious principle.” When it starts to vibrate, it produces a melodic tone called Naam or Shabd.

This stream of sound, which emerges from the deep silence of the formless, Kutasth, is responsible for all forms and colours, whether visible to the naked eye or not. All life depends on this principle of life. Without Naam, there is no life. The sound principle permeates everything; one may perceive it or not, but it reverberates from the apex to the sole. It is the core and the essence and at the same time the material and the underlying cause of the endless universe, in which the physical world is only a small particle.

“O Pipa! This all-encompassing vibration is the first unfundamental cause, but it can only be grasped by a master soul.” (Raja Pipa)

In all religions, God is spoken of as the revealed tone or principle of life. It is a living, conscious stream that carries within itself the seed of creation. It is through this link between the Creator and creation that the spirit or soul of a person can rise above the body and reach the spiritual regions in order to reach the true homeland of the Father, Sach Khand.

One can only gain access to the spiritual regions on the wings of Naam.

A Persian poet says:
“You are given the power to fly to the higher regions, and you can only do that with the wings of Naam.”

And further:
“If you want to become one with the truth, you must unite with Naam, because therein lies the only way to be one with the truth.”

The way of Naam is the oldest and most natural. He is in accordance with the divine law. In all four ages, it acted as a saving lifeline for people.

During the last five hundred years, saints such as Kabir Sahib, Guru Nanak and the other nine Sikh gurus as well as Dadu Sahib, Paltu Sahib, Tulsi Sahib, Soami Shiv Dayal Singh, Baba Jaimal Singh and Baba Sawan Singh were the great representatives of this journey.

For 1,400 years or more, the Muslim saints have taught and practiced the path of Kalma. The Prophet Mohammed, Shamas Tabrez, Maulana Rumi, Hafiz Sahib, Moeen-du-Din-Chisti and others taught the same. Two thousand years ago, John the Baptist and Christ proclaimed the Path of the Word or Logos. Long before that, Zoroaster preached in Persia of Sarosha or the Tonstrom. And two thousand and five hundred years ago, Lord Buddha practiced the same Sadhan (spiritual practice).

If we go back four thousand years, we find that the same thing was known in Egypt as “the path of Aton” taught by King Echnaton. In the Upani damage we find references to “Udgit” or “the harmony of the hereafter”. Lord Krishna was already fully familiar with this science long before. In the Vedas, the oldest writings in the world, we read in the “War Devi Sukat” of “Nad” or “the music” and of “Sruti” or “what you hear”. Kabir Sahib lets us know that in all four ages He came into the world and always taught about Naam or the Word.

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