Birth anniversary of Dr. Harbhajan Singh

December 10th, 2020

During the World Conference on the Unity of Man in 2007, Biji Surinder Kaur vividly spoke about Dr. Harbhajan Singh (Bhaji):

How is it possible to bring unity, how can a man know another man?

Dr. Harbhajan Singh was just like a soldier, and very simple in each respect. Look how he worked with us and gave the message of peace to everybody. It is not a matter of speaking, nor of writing, it cannot be shown in form of a picture, it is a practical subject. It is the essence of our life, this is how we have to go forward.

How did Dr. Sahib get very dear, very near to our Master Sant Kirpal Singh? He was the one who fulfilled the wish of the Highest Power and transmitted His wish. He was the picture of the Highest Power and thus came very close to Him. Till his physical departure, till his last breath, he was with Master. Bhaji was the Power who brought Master’s life near to us. He gave us the power and health that we can explain here about Master’s life.

Bhaji was one time asked, ”Is it necessary that your picture is there?” He told, “no, if you want to see me, you should see the greatness of my Master.”

Dr. Sahib was a true human being. Only man can be the teacher of man. The Word is the Master – Guru Paramatma. This Power has been giving us strength since the beginning.  There are so many “Sants”, so many ”Gurus”, but Dr. Harbhajan Singh was an awakened one. His motto was: “Live and let others live”. Bhaji lived in this village (Nag Kalan) and ran his practice in his own house in a small room, and he used to go from village to village and attend the patients. He was a living example in his village, the support of the poor and suffering.

Who has planted the tree of spirituality? Once Sant Kirpal Singh Ji was sitting in Dehra Dun among a team of doctors and told, “My God’s doctor is also sitting here.”  Master asked these doctors how they were working in their practices. And everybody explained in his own version the way he worked. At last Master asked Dr. Sahib. Bhaji answered full of love, in very sweet and simple words: “My method is very easy. When for example some poor patient comes for treatment, I do not charge anything, and along with this, I give him food, clothes and milk. If some normal patient comes, I charge normal rates. If a rich man comes, I take my full rate.”

Bhaji had the attitude, ”If my neighbour is hungry, I should first give him food and then take it myself.” This was his life. In the time he still worked in his medical practice, he used to be called “God’s doctor for the suffering”. When a patient came and called Bhaji’s name even at midnight, he came at once and cared for him, or when somebody called him when he was eating, he first cared for the patient and then finished his food.

Why was Bhaji so renowned? Because of his humility and love. When problems occurred, in all ups and downs, Bhaji was never worried. He did everything with happiness, even when difficulties were there.

Today his grace is showering. People may call themselves Guru, but the love Bhaji radiated was exceptional. He came to give and not to get something for himself.

(Extract from speeches on December 7th and 8th, 2007)