Message for Christmas and the New Year

With the words of Sant Kirpal Singh, we wish you a blessed Christmas and all the best for the New Year!

There is suffering in the world, and men and women wander in darkness. In such a world let us go about giving love and compassion to all. Let us serve the poor and broken ones, serve our brothers and sisters, serve birds and beasts and all creation in whom is the breath of life. Let us not waste energy in questions and controversies. Let us light a few candles at the altar of suffering humanity. This will be achieved by having right understanding, viz., all mankind is one. The soul in man is the essence of God. We are members of the same family of God. We are all brothers in God. When we learn that God resides in every heart we should have respect and love for all. This realization must dawn on mankind.

From a Christmas message 1959