The higher values of life

This is the second talk given in Philadelphia, USA, during Sant Kirpal Singh’s 1955 (first) tour of the West.

In the previous talk we came to the conclusion that God made man and man made all social religions and that the purpose of social religions was the uplift of man.
We dealt with the outer side of man; we said that man was born with equal privileges from God, irrespective of whether he belonged to one country or another or one religion or another. We have to make the best use of all social religions so that we may know all about man.

Our ultimate goal is to know God. First, we must know ourselves and then we will know God. All scriptures say that we should love God with all our heart, with all our soul and with all our might. As we are lovers of God – and God resides in every heart – we must love all humanity. Those who came into contact with God became the mouthpiece of God – God-in-man or Godmen, because of their love of God. We love all scriptures because they are the treasures of the experiences of the Masters with themselves and with God. We also love all holy places of worship because they are the places meant for singing the praises of the One Lord. We love all holy places of pilgrimage too, for the reason that there lived some lover of God, someone who became one with God and became the mouthpiece of God. Thus, for the sake of love of God, we love all others. If we just love God and hate one Master or the other, or hate one holy book or the other, or if we hate other men, do we truly love God? Surely not; because God resides in every heart, and our ultimate goal is God. The ultimate goal of all religions too is God. Then, how can a follower of one religion or another hate anyone else? If we would live up to what the scriptures say, that looks an impossibility at first sight.

If we live up to these two commandments – Love God with all thy heart, with all thy soul, and with all thy might and, love all humanity since God resides in every heart – the Kingdom of God will descend on earth. All other commandments hang on these two commandments. All prophets have laid stress on these commandments. They are all one on these two fundamental tenets.

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Man is the highest in all creation. He is next to God. That is what Prophet Mohammed in the Koran says: God made man and bade the angels bow before him. So man is higher than even the angels themselves. This is the body, this is the temple of God, in which God resides and you reside. But we have never thought that way. We have simply been looking at the outer man, having outer cleanliness, having good houses to live in and very luxurious furniture. But we have done little or nothing to clean these temples of God (our bodies) from within. We have defiled these temples of God. And whosoever defiles the temples of God is punished by God: There can be no cleanliness with an unclean heart.
Cleanliness is next to godliness, of course. We should maintain our bodies clean from outside as well as from inside. Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God. We must lead ethical lives, pure lives.
What was given out by Christ in his Sermon on the Mount is parallel to the Eightfold Path of the Buddha; and that is parallel with the Yama, Niyama and Sadachar rules of the Hindus. That is the first step that we have to take. Therein we will also find the Inner Way. He said: If thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light.
We have not understood the teachings of the Masters who came in the past. If we but learn how to live up to what the scriptures say, we will have peace on earth and peace hereafter, too. We will have the Kingdom of God on earth and also the Kingdom of God in the other world, too. What does it profit a man if he gains the whole world, but loses his own soul?
How do we act in our daily life? From morn fill night we are concerned only with the maintenance of the physical bodies of ourselves and of our families. We rise in the morning, answer the call of nature, take some exercise, have a bath, take food and then some go to business, others to their offices, and still others to some sort of labor. The whole day is spent in these pursuits. In the evening we come home. Those married have to take care of their families. Some are sick and need other necessities of life. Some go shopping. At night we take our food and go to sleep. Still others simply eat, drink and make merry. They also go to sleep. That is the usual daily routine we generally have. The next morning the same milling process starts anew. This is how our precious life is frittered away in secondary pursuits. We have no time to attend to the problem and mystery of life.
Masters say: Well, look here, you have to leave this body one day; it is inevitable. What have you done for that? We are in great agony. When death overtakes us, we are in agony. If we have seen the fate of a dying man, we must have witnessed the agony of death: crying, having convulsions, etc. No one can help him then. Had he solved the mystery of life, how to leave the body at will, had he known himself by Self-analysis, he would have while alive gone through the experience of death, learned how to rise above body consciousness at will, and he would have just risen to the occasion without any agonizing pain.
Prophet Mohammed says when the soul leaves the body, the pain that man feels may be likened to the dragging of a thorny bush from the rectum through the nostrils. Some Indian scriptures liken the death pangs to a thousand scorpions stinging together. You have witnessed, all of you, how difficult it is to leave the body. Excepting certain cases–very rare cases–say of heart failure, all others have to pass through that agony. If you know how to leave the body at will, a hundred times a day, the Masters say, then death can have no sting.
We ask people: „Look here, dear friend, how have you de-veloped in the spiritual way?“ The answer is: „Well, there is no need of it. We will see when we grow old. Let us eat, drink and be merry.“
First of all, where is the certainty that you will reach old age? There may be some accident; some disease might overtake you and end your life. Suppose you do reach old age; what then? Your body gives way; your faculties give way; sometimes eyesight is not good; sometimes you arc hard of hearing; sometimes you cannot move; sometimes you are bedridden. If you had solved the mystery of life while young, when you had a resolute mind in a strong body, you could have learnt much better.

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I am not advocating any particular religion. You remain where you are. To live in some social religion is a blessing, because without it there would be corruption in the world. In the absence of it you will have to form another society. Just follow the right import of the scriptures, what they teach us.
They all tell us to love God, to love all humanity. If you love all humanity, we cannot rob them, we cannot kill them; other things follow of themselves. Along with that, we must follow ethical lives. We must know ourselves, who we are.
The Sermon on the Mount deals with the outer way of living with your fellow man. Christ also referred therein to the inner light, how to enter the Kingdom of God which is within us. Christ also warm us against the false prophets. They come like lambs, but inwardly they arc ravening wolves.
The Masters, who have had that experience with their own Selves, give out all these gifts of God free. They do not charge anything; they are granted free. God’s gifts are all free. It is man who sells, not God. This is what has been said by all Prophets and Masters who came in the past.
With all the force of your intellect, you will not be able to follow the right import of sacred writings until you come to someone who has practical experience of this and who is competent to give you a first-hand experience. When you have some little experience that way, then you can go ahead.
Today’s subject is over. Next we will take up the Kingdom of God: how to open the inner eye to see it and enter therein. We will see what all the Masters and scriptures have to say on the subject. Lastly, we will deal with the most natural way. There are so many ways and means for that, but we will turn to the most natural way, which even a child can follow.