Vorträge und Bücher von Sant Kirpal Singh und Dr. Harbhajan Singh

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Grundlegendes zum Thema Einheit

Der Maßstab der Liebe

Appell Sant Kirpal Singhs an die religiösen Führer bei der Weltgemeinschaft der Religionen, Delhi 1965

Grundlagen der Spiritualität

Sant Kirpal Singh – Bücher zu spirituellen Schwerpunkten (engl.)

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The Jap Ji - The Message of Guru Nanak

An extensive explanation of the basic principles taught by Guru Nanak (1469-1539) with comparative scriptures cited. Stanzas of the hymns in English, as well as the original text in phonetic wording.

The Mystery of Death

What is death and how its mystery can be solved? This is the subject of this study in which also descriptions are given of what happens to the soul after death.

A Great Saint - Baba Jaimal Singh

A unique biography, tracing the development of one of the most outstanding Saints of modern times. Should be read by every seeker after God for the encouragement it offers.

The Crown of Life - A Study in Yoga

This book presents a comprehensive study of the major systems of yoga. The second part gives a detailed explanation of the Surat Shabd Yoga, the way of the Masters. It is a pioneering work on comparative yoga.

Spiritual Elixir

Collected questions addressed to Sant Kirpal Singh in private correspondence, together with respective answers. Contains also various messages given on special occasions.

Morning Talks

This collection, transcribed from tape-recorded talks, gives practical guidance on the way to eliminate vices and replace them with ennobling virtues. It explains how to develop purity of heart and mind, with the ultimate aim of attaining oneness of the soul with the Oversoul.

Sant Kirpal Singh – Spiritualität (dt.)

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Eine Videoserie über parallele Aussagen in den Religionen (auf Englisch)


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