Episode 8: The Inner Master – Talk by Dr Harbhajan Singh


Dr Harbhajan Singh clearly defines the work of the Godpower in contrary to the countless self-styled masters today. God is One, He is the Master of the whole humanity, so the Master is also one. This Power works in three different forms. He is like the breath of our breath, the soul of our soul and can manifest in us as the radiant form of the Master or can even materialize if we are in problems. Every human being has a direct and independent link with that Power. If our search is true, he will bring us in contact where his work is going on.

Transcript of “The Inner Master”
16th Sept 1989 – Paris

Interpreter: He wants to know about the competent Master and those who are so-called masters. What is the difference?

Dr Harbhajan Singh: Yesterday you heard something about the purpose of human life, and this is the work of the disciple who has to come in contact with the reality. More he understands, more he will gain. As I told you, our Father is one, God is one and He is the Master for the whole creation – this is the highest teaching. And to get Him and to have Him within, we must know the competency of that Master, what He gives, how He gives – this is a must. Selection will come through the disciple; he has to select. Otherwise all masters say that they are the competent Master. But in the Holy Scriptures it is said: “There is none in a million, maybe one in a billion.” And that One who comes as One, He would never say that he is the Master. He would say: “He (God) is the doer”.

All Masters say one and the same thing. Guru Nanak said, Guru Gobind Singh said, Kabir said, Shamas Tabrez said, all Masters said one and the same thing that He (God) is the doer, He is the Creator. And they said they are the borrowed servants. What is the function of that one, who gives you some experience? The first thing is that He is commissioned, He is commissioned from above. His work is entirely to do for Him. He comes for everybody; He does not create any ism or sect or circle or religion. Though He is born in a religion, He respects all religions, all religions belong to Him because of the children – His children reside there. He has love and compassion for everyone. These countries are like the different chambers of the house of the Lord.

His purpose is to unite you back where He is already united. He will not tell you any outer rituals and rites, this or that. His purpose is very direct and independent, and your contact with God is direct and independent. God is innate in the soul.  Just for your further reference, I will tell you later on.

Now I tell you, nobody has seen God in absolute form, but when He came into being, He created the Satpurusha, a primal force that created the whole universe. Everything came with His wish – He is called Satpurusha. He created this whole universe. There are two forces working: negative and positive power. This whole world is a playfield (of both powers), but the greater playfield is the human body. As man is the highest rung in the creation, he being next to God, this whole play is played in this very field. Everything is made for man; man is the prototype of the whole creation; the macrocosm is in the microcosm. So this Godpower and all forces – negative and positive – all reside in this holy body.

Now, as per Holy Scriptures and the experience of those competent Masters – there are Guru, Guru Dev and Satguru – there are three forms of the Master. The Satguru is the highest one. Who is the Satguru?  He who has known the Satpurusha who has created this whole universe, is called Satguru. His approach is very high. He can transcend and cross all barriers beyond the material, conscious, and fully conscious regions and can go to home eternal and come back.

Now the same Master, when He manifests in you, is called Guru Dev. Guru Dev means: Dev Guru, the Radiant Form of the Master. The Radiant Form of the Master that appears within, that is your Master. When He comes in the physical form, the same Master is called ‘Word-personified form’. So Guru, Guru Dev and Satguru are the three forms of one power. And they are one, they have different form, but they are one. Outwardly, He helps you to withdraw from the body-consciousness, and when He appears within you, it is called ‘Radiant form of the Master’.  When He takes you to our eternal home, crossing all those barriers, He is called Satguru. This is His work.
These forces are in the body. A son of man cannot be the Master. He can help you, he is commissioned, but he is dependent (on God); he will reveal the truth to you, whatever comes from above, he will not tell you anything from himself. He only speaks that much which he is being ordered.

So, the Master for the whole creation is one and the same. All Masters came from a different level, at different places; once He came as Jesus Christ, once He came as Kabir; the same power once came as Guru Nanak, once He came as Hafiz. The Power is one. Like now, there are so many bulbs, our attention is on the light, but not on the glass. They are the children of light. They are all one. All those competent Masters came, lived, worked and guided with one opinion, with one very fundamental rule. An exception is there: they worked according to the prevalent condition of the time. The teaching was never changed. Their mode of function sometimes was different, according to the atmosphere.

Man may be from any nationality – from inside and outside all are one and the same; the inner and outer construction is one and the same, there is no difference at all. The purpose of all human beings is one and the same. We are born in the same way, we die in the same way; there is food for the hungry and water for the thirsty. Kabir says, on that very day – which day? When we were sent into the world – our blood was one, and we had one desire for life. All had one desire for life. We all came from a mother. There is a very hard (close) friendship, a hard (firm) relation] which nobody can deny, everyone accepts it. When the experience is given through a competent Master, He reveals the truth on that very line. He will teach you the very universal teaching, above the labels, outer rituals and rites, different dogmas, cast, colour, creed, or race. God made man and man made religion.  It is no problem where we live, how we live, but our purpose is one and the same.  

Christ came from the East, He brought about a very big revolution in the West. Guru Nanak travelled on foot and went a very long distance up to Mecca, Persia, China, Burma and to a lot of places, wherever He could – 48 years of His life, He was on foot. For what purpose?  To see His children, to take His children back to their home eternal.  

The True Master’s purpose in the world differs from all other masters outwardly, inwardly. He is duty-bound to take us back. He will take you to the place of no hope, no comfort, no solace because He wants you to get rid of the deluding nature of hope, solace, and comfort. He will raise you above the body-consciousness. For what purpose? When you rise above the body-consciousness, He will make you detached from all other things. He will let you know how to live in the world. He will teach you the art of life.  He is very pure and pious; He will develop you like this.

“Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God.” Two things cannot go together (God knowledge and impurity). He, in His capacity, does everything for His child like a mother who serves her child. His love is beyond all barriers, no one can know about His love. He knows this whole creation belongs to His Father. He is specially sent to bring His children back.  He knows the worth of this world, He even knows the worth of the three worlds and that it is less precious than even one of your breaths. Even one of your breaths has more value for the Master than the price of the three worlds. He needs you and not anything else. But He is also bound with a lot of laws. Negative and positive (powers) are the impelling forces, their destination is fully fixed, and they are doing their utmost. He is bound to remain under that law. Otherwise, Hafiz says, “If one time He sounds (His call) the whole world could go back to His home.” But that is not possible. This is not allowed; it is all His manifestation.

God is love, love is God, and the way back to God is also love. So He will make you a love-personified form. He will develop you in such a way that you become detached from the world – you remain in the world, yet you are out of the world. You will work in the world, but your attention will not work in the world. As I told you, He teaches us the higher values of life. “Higher values of life” means the one factor of life which we have forgotten – because while man may try his very best, he still cannot get rid of the poisonous effect of the mind and the poisonous stings of the attachment.

So these higher values of life come through Him, He is the Giver. I mean to say, His work is stretching from you to Him, and He covers everything. When you start to know the competency of your Father, the more you know, the more you will be blessed. There are so many virtues (to be gained  by Him); He has a boundless vibration, you may say, He is the source of vibration. When you become receptive, this vibration will work with you like anything. Nobody can detach you from that source.

I told you, two things cannot go together. He makes you one, He knows how to detach you from the world. He also knows how to finish with your old, old karmas in the world. If His virtues should be written, it is said, “If the whole world is made into paper and out of all oceans ink is made, and out of all trees pens are made, one may go on writing for ages upon ages, and still nobody can know the virtues of the Masterpower.”

Because wherever you go, the subject of that Power is there. You understand? This subject is there. There is nothing that is not enlivened by the Godpower. Everywhere, in every creature, whether in man, in beasts, in flowers, vegetables, in mountains, everywhere – nothing is made without His Power, He dwells everywhere. So, this whole creation is made by whom?  By the Creator.

Now I want to tell you, people say this or that – no, you cannot separate the Creator from the creation. If you have a friend, a name is given to him, if you remember him by his name, at once his face comes to you. By remembering God, you think of God. By remembering anything its appearance comes to your sight. So, you cannot separate the Creator from the creation. The creation is maya, it is attachment, but the Creator is true. The music is false, the musician is true. So those whose eyes are open, those who come in contact with that very Power, their eye is opened, they see the world as a true temple of God. But while knowing each and everything, they are detached from those things because they know the creation and the Creator. They know about the music and the musician, they know about the play and the player.

Master is the breath of your breath, He is the soul of your soul which is called Oversoul. He helps His disciples not only physically, He helps inwardly, He helps with everything inside. Whenever you are alone, wherever you are in problems – when you are in a very awful condition in your life where nobody can save you, there the Master comes and receives you with all love, with all compassion and with all help. Where nobody can approach you, there He is. He can materialize and can manifest and can help you. Because He is the Doer, He is everywhere. You think from within and He is there. He has not to come from outside, He is within you, He will come out and will materialize and help you.

Once Draupadi, the wife of the Pandu-princes, met a big test. They wanted to make her naked (the enemies had won her in a game). She first cried for Krishna, but Lord Krishna did not reach.  When he did not reach her, she cried from within and at once He (the Godpower) appeared and gave all feasible help and finished with the matter. She was helped by whom? By that very Doer who comes from Age to Age, He neither goes nor comes. All the time He remains in the world.

Our contact (with Him) in the man-body is also continuous. Due to Him we have the continuous life. We change the body, we have to leave the body, but we do not leave the life. Life is permanent, continuous, without break. We have direct, independent contact. It is said in the Holy Scriptures, “The Sound Current, the Music of the Spheres, comes from Thy Threshold, it strikes my forehead continuously. I hear this contact regularly in my forehead.”

This is a link; this link is not broken. Once the link is established, it will not break. This is one condition of a competent Master. When He gives you the initiation, when He takes your hand, He will not let you go anywhere. No force on the earth can snatch you from Him. He is the Supreme Power, He is sent by God, He will take you back. You may leave Him, but He will not leave you. It is unlike all other meditations which are going on in the world; this is something unique in the world, therein are a hundred per cent possibilities. His hands outwardly are very soft, but inside He has steel hands. When He takes care of the child, He will not let him go anywhere. He is such a Master. His purpose is only one, not two, only one. He is One, His purpose is also one.

There are a lot of incidents from the life of Sant Kirpal Singh. He, being a Word-personified form, materialized and manifested a lot of times and helped. He is helping and will help. This help will go on. This Power is no other than that very Power – the Power is the same.

One time in 1957, Master (Sant Kirpal Singh) got one letter. In 1934 there was one old lady in Chicago, a very old lady. She went to the market to buy some fruits. He appeared and said: “I want some fruits.” She gave Him the basket, and within the twinkling of an eye, the man had disappeared with the basket. It was very surprising to her – where had that man gone? From within, she was very happy, and she started to yearn and long for Him. A lot of people said, “He is the competent Master, you have a yearning for Him, you can go to Him. He is a very high personality, He is a spiritual man.”

She said, “No, I don’t want to see a Master, I am searching for my thief who has taken my basket with flowers and has taken my heart – I have to search Him alone.”
Her search continued. Then in 1957 she happened to come to London. And there, in the house of her friends, she saw the picture of Sant Kirpal Singh. She started to dance there. “Today I have found my thief!” Knowing His address, she wrote one letter: “Now I am coming to see my thief!”

He is not the body. He can materialize – He can create a body and can come. So this Master who works in the physical form, He works for that Power, His work is connected with that Power. He is not different from that Power. He is a borrowed servant of that Power. His purpose is to unite all directly within, because that Power has a direct connection with you. Once you are connected with the pole, once you are connected with the lighthouse, then you will stand on your legs, but without earth (beneath you). If you understand these things, it will help you. Master will make you stand, but there will be no earth below your feet. He is very gracious.

Masters tell us: “You are short-lived in this man-body. Your breath is controlled and cut by the time (is cut when the time has come to leave.)  As the bird perches on the tree, so does the life in the body (stay briefly). As the bee in the garden moves from flower to flower and man, identified through the outgoing faculties of his mind, both waste their life and go in vain, because both do not understand their purpose.

 A parrot flies from one tree to the other tree and beats his beak and head against the branch – he is foolish. Everything in the world is a shadow, it is all illusionary nature. But there is only one truth, one reality – that you are from the same essence as that of God. The reality is in the world, but it is suffering at the hand of this illusionary nature. You cannot blame (the Godpower), you have to live there (in this physical world).

When the Mango is ripe, there is redness on the mango, showing that the mango is ripe now. But you cannot separate the redness from the mango. You can make the best use of that mango, but why is there any need to separate the redness from the mango? You cannot do that. So all those yogas, all those other ways which are being tried by a hundred thousand masters in the world, these are only to put the attention from one direction to the other direction so that one may not get anything and go as foolish as he was in the past. Like a parrot one has to beat his beak here or there, but he will not get anything. So, this is a big illusion, inside and outside. You know, the sword of doubt cuts very deep, this is the reason that the teaching is not given in the right way. The purpose of the so-called masters is to create doubt. “You are doing this, it is not good, you are doing this, it is good. You should have done like this or that.”

You have to remain detached in the world of attachment. You have to learn how to remain detached in the world of attachment. Is it difficult? No, it is not difficult, but it is not taught (by so-called masters). Even if it is said, it is not given. If something is told about the practical (experience), it is not given. Practice is the base. Their experience (of the true Masters) must become our experience. They are standing on the base and we are moving around – a lot of difference.
Once Kabir went to a place where a Pid-Coocoo (legendary bird which only takes pure rainwater) sat on a tree, holding his beak upward. He was thirsty, he wanted the first drop of the rain from the heaven, he would not take any water from the pond which was flowing underneath. He could not get it and became unconscious and fell into the water of the pond. Even then he did not take any water from the pond to survive. Had he taken some water from the pond, he could have survived, but he did not take it.
Kabir was seeing this, he describes the awful condition, “O man, that was your purpose, you should have done the same. These birds and creatures are doing it, how disciplined they are, and you are not disciplined. The ocean of all consciousness is flowing within you, the water of life is within you, you do not move inside, it belongs to you, you can taste that elixir within the body, it is yours, it is not of anybody else. Enter inside, it is a wonderful house you have been given. There is the water of life and bread of life, it belongs to you and you are not going to taste it.  Either you are a child or you are foolish, there is some problem with you, o man. “

Man is blessed with qualities, with supreme qualities. We are of the same essence as that of God. God is an ocean of all consciousness and we are a drop of that consciousness. This consciousness is overflowing in man, but he does not want to taste it. Whose fault is this? The fault lies in man. He is not awakened. He is becoming unconscious, he wants to search for all those things outwardly. He wants to allure with this outside music. The music is within, this is a copy of the music. The music which is not within, that is also not made outside. (If there were no music within, there would exist no music exist outside)

Man needs intoxication, the intoxication is within, but he searches outside. Masters tell us, “Oh soul, oh dear soul, you are the indweller of the skies. Unfortunately, you came on the earth. You are a conscious entity, there is very much intoxication in you, rise above the sky.” To rise above the body-consciousness means to rise above the sky. There is a sky in the body. When you rise above the plane of senses, the sky is there, you forget what is going on below. When you rise into the music of the spheres, you forget what is going on. Once you come in contact with the overflowing cosmic awareness, your angle of vision will be changed. That is what Master does. He gives you something on the very first day, His purpose is to give that much. If He does not give you that contact, he is not the Master. You may say, (in the case of such a master) he is not doing His (God’s) work, he is doing his own work. One is doing the work of (the One) who is above all, and one is doing the earthly work, he is maintaining his status, is maintaining his religion, he is maintaining his ego – the ego is being maintained also. If you do not follow such a master, their ego will finish. (If you follow them) you will create ego in them.

This whole machinery is going on the very reverse pattern. Kabir says that a thing which moves, is called “gaddi”.” In Indian language “gaddi” means something which is standing, that doesn’t move. There a car is called “gaddi. The milk which is condensed by fire, condensed milk, they call Koya, which means “nothing.” Milk is there, only the water is removed from it, milk is still there. It is also in reverse. An orange has a colour, an orange-colour, but in India it is called, “without colour”- “narangi”.

Seeing all those things, Kabir started to weep because this whole world is going to the opposite direction. Master tells something else, and they do something else. The whole pattern is at the ebb (lowest point). No one understands. Kabir says, “He who separates the milk from the water is my friend.” He who understands the Master belongs to Him. Try to understand the Master, who He is, what He is. What is His purpose – if one understands like this, you will get everything from Him.

It is our turn to meet God. If this time passes, it will not come back again. Once the water has passed through the bridge, it doesn’t come back. The fruit which drops down from the branch cannot jump back to the branch again. (Another chance) may or may not be given.

So it is the highest time that we are given the manbody. It is the highest rung in the creation. If we do not make the best use of it for the purpose it was given to us – it is only given to realize our self and to realize God, for no other purpose. Everything else is a side-issue. With common sense you can think that we have to leave the body, and then everybody finishes. When you are not in the world, what belongs to you?  Everything exists only due to your body.

Kabir says, “With one breath, you can attain Him.”  You know, there are two birds. Mostly they live on the banks of the river, they love each other very much. At the time of the dark night, they separate from each other. One comes to this bank, the other one goes to the other bank. They fly but they do not come across the whole night. They yearn to meet each other, but in the utter darkness they do not see each other. But when the sun rises, they meet each other again.

So the man who does not meet God, who does not awaken, neither at night nor at day, what will become of him? (One) who does not think of the purpose of human life, what will become of that person? This is what the Holy scriptures are telling, my dear. Those are the words from the competent Masters, they are the conscious co-workers of the divine plan. They say, “Believe our testimony,” because they only speak about those things which they see, which they experience. They see the fate of man and cry. They cry again and again, again and again, and come again and again.

Master tells us that you have been bent upon identifying with the world due to a lot of sins. And these sins may bring you back in another form. Once these creatures were also like us. They did what we are doing now. They have gone below the status of man. Now they are under the transmigration. God knows if they will come back into the man-body or not. You are gifted with the man-body, you are the blessed ones. You should make the best use of that time.
What is the taste in the bone? The dog chews on the bone. Does he enjoy the bone? No, the bone wounds his jaws and he tastes his own blood, and tasting his own blood he feels happy. That is the condition of man.

The supreme Ojas – you understand what is Ojas? – that is a (power) which the soul had been given to work with, it is being spoiled outside. And (due to) this, everything is fake and void. There is no proof for your success.  Failure, failure at every step.

If one man is told, “Dear, you are going that way, there is a very old well, and you will fall down there”, you will certainly change the way, as you are conscious and because you are afraid of falling into the well. But why people do not believe it? When they lose their purpose of human life – we have to leave that body, how to leave it, where to go? Master tells us, “It is a thousand times more dreadful than the outward things, there is utter darkness inside. Where do we have to go? How do we have to go? Master tells us: “Believe the testimony of the Masters, they don’t speak lies, they tell the Truth.” They see the man from inside and outside. For Master, the body of man is transparent. The seat of the soul is transparent for Him. He sees what will become of that child. He has to suffer at each step.

This happiness which we draw from the world, is not your happiness, mind it. That is drawn at the level of senses: you had a wish, you got it, but you cannot live with it. You have to create another wish just to be happy again in the world, and even then you will not be happy, you will again have to create a wish just to be happy in the world.  This is one act of the negative power, this is one act of your mind, who is the agent of the negative power. That will pull you down one day. The load of the sins will be carried by you on your head. This is unbearable. The sins are very heavy, heavier than the load of the earth, heavier than the load of the mountains. “Oh man, it will crush you like anything.” The hell was made out of the sins. It is a collected material of the sin. All sins were combined and the hell was created.

Man’s condition is like oilman’s bullock. He is born in the yoke and dies in the blood. He spends his whole life there. Oilman’s bullock presses the oil from the seeds, he moves and moves. (He goes around and around, driving the grinding stones of the press, and in the end he is slaughtered.) So he is born in the yoke and dies in the blood.

So Master says, “I shall never leave thee nor forsake thee till the end of the world.” Not only till the end of the world, He will take you to your eternal home, merge you there and merge along with you.  It is His work, it is not a little work, but it is a very big work He has to do. Master’s work in the world is very unique, you cannot compare His Grace with anything in the world. He is supreme in the world, provided He is commissioned by Him (God).

There are hundred thousands of so-called masters – directly or indirectly, they are working for the negative power – their purpose is different. They will teach you some other way of life, but whatever a competent Master will say, He will give a demonstration of it. Without a demonstration (proof), He (Himself) does not believe.  He is the believer of the Truth, He gives you a contact with the Truth, the Living Truth that exists in you, that exists in the Master and that exists everywhere. It is concealed within, but it is approachable. For that reason, He gives you the practical experience to raise you above the body-consciousness and the shackles of the mind. His work is not little, He controls the mind and then raises you above the body-consciousness. He makes you to be reborn. Once you are reborn why would you come into the world? For what purpose will you come into the world, tell me. You can be sent into the world, but when you go a different way, from there you will not come into the world. You will be sent, you can be sent, but why would you have to come? The way to come back to the world is a different one, but the way to go back (to our true home) is a different way – when you go that way, you will not come back.  So this subject is not only taught, but caught. Thank you.