Transcript of “Discovering the path of spirituality”, part 2
Public Lecture by Dr. Harbhajan Singh, 14th June 1990

This material nature is eight-fold. Beside the five elements there are three other matters included in it, these are the  intellect, mind and ego – three things are inherent in the soul. The mind-ridden soul comes again and again into the world, only due to the mind. So, these things are inherent in it, without them it cannot come into this world. We are conscious entities, and without mind one cannot come, it is due to intellect, mind and ego, they are the negative forces in the man body. The positive power is only the soul, the spirit in the body.

This body is a playfield of both, the negative and the positive power, and the world is also a playfield of the negative and the positive power, rather they are the impelling forces and have their destination fully fixed. Now there is the work of the Christpower, Godpower, Masterpower and there is also the work of the negative power.

First of all, we have to know, who is our Master who is related to us. In the Holy Scriptures it is said that there is none in a million, maybe one in a billion. And who is that Power? Who is our Master? Only the Christpower, Godpower, Masterpower is our Master who has manifested the whole creation, sustains it and also sustains us in the holy body. And we have a direct and independent contact with that Power. He is the Master, He is the Doer.

So, all human beings have one and the same Master, that is the Christpower, Masterpower, Godpower. And there are hundred-thousands of other “masters”. The competent masters who worked for that doer were the borrowed servants of that Godpower. They were never the doer and will never become the Doer. Those who are commissioned to work here would never claim that they are the Master. If they say that one time, their contact will be broken at once.

The Doer is the Godpower, Masterpower or Christpower. We are the children of that Power and we are all class fellows, we are all reading in one class, our subject is one and the same. So, we have to know, what we have to get from Him . And as I told you, there are hundred thousands of so-called “masters”, they are attached to certain religions, they have created their own -isms and sects, whereas the Masterpower comes for all human beings. If one is located to a certain delusion, what will he do for others who do not believe in that -ism or sect?

This teaching is very liberal, very universal, and it is caught and it is for One. Our Master is One: the Christpower, Masterpower, Godpower.

And now we have to discuss, what they (so-called masters) are giving and what He is giving. Those hundred-thousand so-called masters are directly or indirectly working for the negative power, and they work only up till that very stage where the child does not have the right understanding that is innate in the soul, and then it remains devoid of this right understanding.

So-called “masters” in the world have baffled the whole humanity. Their purpose is to keep all innocent children in their fold. Now, if you know what they got (as compared to) what is the reserved right of the child, what is our heritage: if we go back to our Holy Scriptures, that experience which is written there should become our experience. If it is the same, then it is the Christ teaching, Master teaching, God-teaching.

I tell you: Who is the Christpower? Christ lived before Jesus. Christ is the Power who has created the whole creation, and we have the direct and independent contact with that power. So our approach should also be direct and independent.

Now it is a very delicate subject. If you understand it right over here, you will never be misled, I guarantee you. This is your subject, and only you can learn it. Nobody else can learn for you, no priest can help you in this matter, you must become priest of your own self, you must become the teacher of your own self. This is what was told by Christ and by all the competent Masters of the world.

Our spirit in the body is located at the seat of the soul – here is the seat of the soul (between and behind the eyebrows).  When man dies, he transcends from the lower extremities and transcending all the chakras, the spirit or soul comes here to the root of the two eyes. From here it takes upward trend and then it takes inward trend. You may have seen many persons dying – everyone has to leave his body – when the soul transcends from the body-consciousness and comes over here, it is a very dreadful scene, it is beyond expression, when the soul is coming over here.

And now, when it comes here, it is said “Here is the third eye”. This third eye is the expression of the Godpower, the Godpower lives in it. What is the third eye? When we shut our eyes, we experience something here, and that thing that sees, that experiences something or sees the darkness either, that is the third eye. Now our whole subject will circulate here.    

Here (between the eyebrows) is the soul, just a little below there is the mind and below there is the intellect. The function of the soul is different from that of the intellect and the mind. Mind and intellect take us into the body, whereas the soul wants to take us above. You see, mind and intellect are matter. Just take one little piece of earth, throw it in the air, it will come back to the earth because its source is earth.
So, you may try to solve your problem with the mind – you cannot solve it, because mind itself is the problem. We are of the same essence as that of God, the way back to God is the light-and sound-principle taught by Christ. Light a candle and make it up and down, its flame will go up, because its source is the sun, its source is the light, it will go up. So, our purpose is to go up from here, not to go down below.

Now, when God sent the child into this world, He created many planes. It is said, there are four coverings on the soul. When we look over here, it is all darkness, sometimes people experience, see some light – but that is the power that is taken from the soul and that is due to the mind, it is mind itself. The mind gets power from the soul and uses the same power against the soul. That is ignorance.

Now, what happens? When God created man, there was nothing in the world, there was no god, no goddess, there was no avatara, there was no hell and no heaven, nothing was there. When there was no sin, there was no prison. The prison came only into being when man created the sin – he made the prison for himself. All those forces came for the service of man.

Let us discuss about those people who go to have the negative experiences. You know, this astral region is very close to the earth; where the attraction of the earth ends, from there the astral region starts. And those powers residing in the astral plane are all negative. There are the gods and goddesses, there are the avataras, there are other forces which meditated, and they are playing their role therein. And there is the hell and there is the heaven.

But our Father does not live in that heaven which exists in the astral plane. It is created by the negative power. And what is there? There is an excess of light. And light without sound is stationary. The music of the spheres in the body is our Master, the WORD is our Master. Once the soul goes in there (the astral plane), it cannot come out of it. It has to live in the tentacles of the negative power once for all. So when people meditate over here and stress over here (at the point between the eyebrows), what happens? This mind takes them into the chakras and bring them into the astral plane.

The astral plane is open for everybody, everybody is welcome there. One may try it – within few days one can reach there. It is said that a Master was sitting (in meditation) and a disciple was also sitting there; the disciple was more receptive than the Master, he could go very easily there. If you have to go to the astral plane, you do not need a Master, you do not need a guide. It is a gross ignorance, a gross illusion that exists in the astral plane.

Now I will tell you further what happens there,how (these astral powers) create their work in the world and how people are affected with this work. The whole world is led astray with this knowledge. This meditation has become a breakfast for everybody.
We have to discuss now this thing very minutely, very attentively. If you will feel at home with it, if you will know that, you will never be misled.

According to what Christ taught, where the world philosophy ends, there the religion starts. And where does this philosophy end? When you transcend above the astral plane, the causal plane and the super causal plane, you reach into the conscious stage and then your soul will be fully awakened and you will experience your Father there. There you are given the bread of life and water of life, and not in the astral region. The astral region is totally governed by the negative power.

Now our soul is engulfed in four cloths. There is an astral covering, there is a causal, there is a super causal, there is the physical covering – there are these coverings we cannot get rid of. And so far we cannot get rid of these coverings, we cannot realise our self and realise God within. Just for example:

There is a bulb. There are four coverings, and there is darkness outside. If you take off one covering, little streaks of light will come out of it. You take off the second covering, more streaks of light will come out. You take off the third one, more light will come out of. When you take off all four, there will be effulgent light coming out of this bulb. You will see, it is a bulb, it is a light there. So this astral plane, causal plane, super causal plane are the barriers we have to cross one after another. And when you cross all those barriers, beyond them there is the house of our Father. There is the (real) heaven. And which is that heaven? Where there is light is without sun. There it rains without clouds, nothing can be said about it – there we get the eternal life.

Now we have to discuss – this is very important – how we are deluded in this world. What is there in the astral plane? There are the supermagic things There is the black magic, there is the spiritual healing: this is the outcome of the negative forces. Their purpose is only to fulfil your wishes so that you be happy with them, and this is not spirituality. That is not the end of life, nor the beginning of life. Black magic, spiritual healing- these are the miraculous powers of the negative power with which it fulfils our wishes.

You know, those powers are already working above, and what happens? If you have any wish, they come. Think of the devil and he is there. You have a wish – they come to fulfil that wish. What happens? You say, “My son is suffering. Some person (claims): ” Okay, he will be fully right.” There are the miraculous powers. When you enter the astral plane, these miraculous powers are scattered like flowers on the ground. If you do not even pick them up, if you only look at them, they will attract you and those miraculous powers will come in you. This is one way the negative power is taking the work of hundred-thousand people in the world, they are all misguided.

You know, you create a wish and those powers are already there, working everywhere.

When you cook a very good food in your house, your neighbour can smell it. Similarly, if a wish is created by underdeveloped souls in the world, they can be influenced by these miraculous powers and they are caught.

Suppose, you got your son fully right with this miraculous power, someone gave him some healing touch. What will be the condition of your child? It is just as if you owe some money to the bank and you cannot pay. You go to the bank authority and tell,” Sir, I cannot pay the money.” He says,” Okay, I will not ask you for one year, but be careful, mind it that you have to pay with compound interests after one year.” Your son will have to suffer for all the time, he cannot get rid of it.

These miraculous things like black magic are the creation of the negative power from the astral plane to keep man in its fold and put him either into the astral hell or the astral heaven. If you do good work, you can be put into the heaven that is lying in the astral plane. These avataras also live in the astral plane, but they have only two places, either hell or heaven.

Whatever possibility is there in this world, much more possibility to identify is there in the astral plane. The astral plane is very wide spread. You can identify there much more. Even it is said about the avataras that once they were in the heaven, when their term is finished, they come directly into the hell. There is no way out. And after living in the hell, they are again given the chance to come back into the world. So this is a process which goes on there. This is a mystery of life.

Those people who are affected with it, they will never get the chance to come above.

They have to transcend all the barriers, whereas I told you, where the world philosophies end, there the religion starts – the Christ teaching, Master teaching is from above that plane. You need not to descend below, you have to rise above.

And now I will try to express a little bit about the very sweet and loveable teaching of Christ. When Sant Kirpal Singh came to the West, He spoke about this teaching and was asked: ”Can you give that very experience which Christ used to give?” He said:” Sit and see.” What did He do? He used to open the third eye that is concealed is within.

We are imprisoned in the body. You know, there are many apertures, many holes in the body – eyes, ears, nostrils, mouth and touch below. And we are the in-dweller of this body, the one who lives in the body but cannot run away from it. So how to get rid of this prison, that is the subject of the Christpower. We have to get rid of this body, before we leave it (forever). This is why he said, you have to leave it. Those who leave this body before death get the life, and those who try to keep it, to remain in touch (with it), will lose the life.

It is said that once a man in a temple was praying to God: ” Oh God, you blessed me.” One of his friends who knew that in the past night his horse was stolen away by a thief, said: “What a prayer you are making before God, God has not done good things for you, your horse is stolen away!” He said:” No, my God has done a very good thing for me, He has blessed me and like this He should bless all.” The other one said: ” How?” He replied, “Last night I was not riding on the horse, otherwise the thief could also have stolen me away along with the horse.”
 So, He was a wise person, I tell you. He left the horse and saved the rider. This body is the horse and we in the body are the rider. One time will come, when we will be stolen away along with the horse. We have to separate the rider from the horse.

This teaching is very beautiful. A part of it we will discuss today.
In this body, the mind has assumed the astral form; it is the astral form of the mind that is working there. So how did it assume the astral form? Master tells us: In the body is the mind-ridden soul – the mind is riding on the soul and is getting all help whenever and wherever it needs. So it has assumed the astral form. Since the soul is living at the level of senses, it has gone into a slumber. There the teaching of Christ tells that you must rise above the plane of senses and the shackles of the mind. And what will happen? Your third eye must be opened.

Here is the third eye. From here you transcend above the body-consciousness, but this you cannot do yourself. Who can do that? A borrowed servant of the God-power can help. He who works for the God-power cannot be a Master, I tell you. He would never claim himself that he is the Master. God is the only Doer and who works for Him, you can take as His child. All competent Masters, Guru Nanak, Kabir, all competent Masters said:” God is the Doer, the WORD is the Master, Shabda is the Master, Kalam i Kadim is the Master. The music of the spheres that has manifested the whole creation, that comes from the God-power, that is the Master.”

So, who gives that very contact, you may call Him your brother, anything you like. But the contact is a must. You need some person who can transcend you above the intellect and mind and raises you above that, but you yourself cannot transcend. Why? You may fall sick, you may be operated upon, but you cannot leave the body.

The fear of death is due to two facts – one: we have not learnt how to leave the body, the second is that we do not know where to go after leaving the body. These are two facts. If we know those two facts practically, then where is the fear of death? This why Christ said: “Learn to die so that you may begin to live.” The first beautiful teaching of Christ that is to be dealt with is that we must rise above the plane of senses so that our third eye is opened. And how this third eye is opened? This is very important. This is a very wide spread subject, and it needs more of your attention, but I must tell something today, although time is going up now.

We are the indweller of over here – here is the sky, here is third eye. From here we are withdrawn outside. There are five senses or you may say, the five doors which are opening outside: These two eyes, nose, mouth, ears and touch below, these are the five doors. Now, when these doors open inside, this is the inward expression of the soul. The first one is the outward expression of the soul, when these doors open outside.

When these doors open inside, it is called the inward expression of the soul. As for example: You are sitting there, I say,” Well brother, have you seen this man who just passed by you?” You say: ” No, I have not seen him.” You would say,” My attention was not there”. Your eyes were open but you could not see. Why? Because these senses only locate something when this consciousness works behind them. But when it is withdrawn from the senses our eyes, ears and all those sense organs do not react.

The great scientist, Newton, while he was solving a problem could not hear the drum beaters who passed by him, because his attention was not with the ears. Christ says that there are ten doors of this temple. Five are opening outside, five are opening inside. Christ says:” If you shut the ten doors of this temple, you can see the heavenly light”.

We need the bread of life and water of life. When you take the bread of life, you will never feel hungry. Once you take the water of life your thirst will be quenched for ever. How to get it? It is a subject which will be dealt in the next Satsangmeeting, but you must know the competency of the Master. There is no end to His competency, there is no end to the teaching and there is no end to the learning. Our whole life is devoted to that purpose. In the Bible it is said,” It is thy turn to meet God, everything else in the world is a side issue.”

Here I tell you, here is nothing about any religion, but you must be a true Christian. You must take the cross, you must die daily. To take the cross means: You must leave the body and take the cross here, so that it is the same experience which happens at the time of death. That is also written in the bible. Once you are reborn, you will never come back, that a real baptism. So thank you all, wishing you all that is good for you.