Unity of Man – Sant Kirpal Singh

The intention of the movement Unity of Man is to inspire man
by the ideal set by Sant Kirpal Singh: Be good – Do good – Be one.
It invites all to unite in order to find out about
the spiritual base of human nature and to promote a spirit of oneness.

The name Unity of Man carries the core message of Sant Kirpal Singh:
This human birth is our chance to realize the great truth of the oneness of life
vibrating in the universe – Unity already exists, we only have forgotten it.

Respect for the whole creation and love and tolerance for each human being
regardless of colour, creed or nationality are the practical shape of this ideal.

There is one hope for the world, and this hope lies in the spiritual link
from man to man and nation to nation. This genuine hope will bring us together.
The problems of the world are not of political, but of spiritual nature,
so we have to find the solution on the spiritual level, on the level of consciousness.
The change will begin from man’s heart.
                                                                                                              Harbhajan Singh

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