Charitable activities

From a spiritual point of view, we are all like the limbs of one body, and when one part of the body is in pain, it also affects the others. Thus spirituality does not mean putting attention on yourself and becoming egocentric, but in assisting others out of love and compassion, and doing selfless service.

From the very beginning, the Kirpal Sagar project provided humanitarian aid, from which the people especially in the surrounding areas benefit. Over the course of thirty years, our activities have been extended to remote and socially disadvantaged regions in northern India, with the goal of providing training and support in all aspects of the recipient’s life, in order to help them become totally self-sufficient.

Practical humanitarian aid is needed everywhere, but the world’s situation can greatly improve if we can all change our angle of vision to one of unity and love for one another.

Medical care

Kirpal Sagar Hospital’s main function is the treatment of patients in need. The patients receive medical care, medications, treatment, and examinations. Kirpal Sagar Hospital also performs minor operations, surgery, and eye operations. Services are free for the patients who cannot afford treatment. For those who are able, a fee is requested pending only on what the patient can afford. There are also Mobile Medical Camps which provide diagnoses and treatment to people within the surrounding areas and within Kirpal Sagar, as well.


Education should bring about a holistic growth of the human personality. In the schools in Kirpal Sagar, efforts are made to impart not only intellectual knowledge, but also values according to the ethical foundations of all religions. Students later enter life with the humanistic view that all human beings are equal. They have understood the ideal of helping and serving others.
Moreover, education is a great asset that enables people to earn a good living for themselves and their families later on, and can thus also be seen as poverty prevention. In order to provide children from poorer families with a good education, scholarships for needy children are offered at KH Public School, Kirpal Sagar Academy and the Teacher Training College.

Vocational training

Unskilled workers have the opportunity to learn a profession in the various workshops in Kirpal Sagar, so that they can then lead a more independent life. Various professions such as electricians, carpenters, welders, bakers, gardeners, etc. work there.
In the future, various courses will also be offered which will provide state-recognised certificates. Currently, the government has approved five practice-oriented training courses (cosmetics, tailors, computers, electricians, plumbers). These last from six months to one year. With such a recognised degree, young people have much better chances in the labour market.

Old people’s home

Due to extreme poverty and demographic changes, seniors in India are leading a very difficult life. Often their families are unable to care for them and their children simultaneously. In light of this, Sant Kirpal Singh created a place within Kirpal Sagar for seniors to live and call a home.

The residents are given loving support and are encouraged despite having certain disabilities, to lead an active and independent life style.The residents are given homecare assistance as well as medical attention when needed. Meals are free and are provided in the common kitchen.

Seniors are welcome to help with any projects within Kirpal Sagar. They are encouraged to talk about their personal experiences, teach their native language, or share the knowledge of their old profession with others.

Supporting people in need

In Indian culture, weddings are of great importance. But holding a wedding ceremony is also very expensive. Kirpal Sagar helps needy families host their weddings and provides them with furniture and accessories to support newly wedded couples. This offers them some stability and comfort to begin family life.

In India, it is still common to have one’s clothes tailored. Kirpal Sagar therefore donates several sewing machines to women and especially to widows within the surrounding areas. This will create a sense of autonomy, provide self-employment, and allow them to earn a modest living for themselves.

Helping people with reduced mobility

Kirpal Sagar donates special tricycles operated with a hand crank for people with reduced mobility. This allows them the ability to function better and lead a much more independent life.