Lectures and books by Sant Kirpal Singh and Dr. Harbhajan Singh

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Essential texts on unity

Introduction to spirituality

Sant Kirpal Singh – books on different aspects of spirituality

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A Great Saint - Baba Jaimal Singh

A unique biography, tracing the development of one of the most outstanding Saints of modern times. An encouraging must-read for anyone seeking God.

The Crown of Life - A Study in Yoga

A pioneering, comprehensive, comparative study of yoga methods including a detailed explanation of Surat Shabd Yoga, the path of the Masters.

Morning Talks

Transcribed from recordings, this insightful collection offers practical guidance on how to develop ennobling virtues in the spontenteous, informal words of Sant Kirpal Singh during talks with his followers. These cover a variety of topics revolving around developing purity of heart and mind to reunite the soul with the Oversoul.

Spiritual Elixir

A beautiful insight into the private correspondence between Sant Kirpal Singh and his disciples as well as various messages he wrote to them on special occasions.

Podcast Spiritual Talks

Talks by Sant Kirpal Singh and Dr. Harbhajan Singh, new episode monthly

Episode 9: The coming spiritual revolution

Podcast episode 8: The inner Master


A video series on the commonalities found in different religions

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Website featuring an audio selection of Sant Kirpal Singh’s lectures