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Karma is the cause of rebirth; and each birth is, in turn, followed by death. There the cycle of enjoyment and suffering results. Some are happy; some are not happy. So, “as you think, so you become.” Ignorance of the law is no excuse, mind that.  Sant Kirpal Singh …whatever a man sows, that he […]

Nothing dies in nature

Death and deathlessness both inhere in the nature of all that is – all that combines in itself both matter and spirit. Matter is but a projecting screen for the spirit – the all-pervading spirit that attracts matter in varying degrees of densities and vibrations to manifest itself in various patterns of forms and colours, […]


Mind is an important term in spirituality, but our concept of it differs a lot from that in the East. There, mind is considered to be material, not conscious, whereas in the West, it is conceived of as conscious. Sant Kirpal Singh gives the following explanation: Mind gets consciousness from the soul. It is the […]