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No son of man is really happy. Each one suffers from unhappiness of one type or another – for physical, mental, or intellectual reasons. Everyone has one woe or another. The whole world seeks permanent happiness. Why does a person toil to earn his living? Because he wants some happiness. Why does he desire good […]

Death and transience

Whatever we see around is just like a sand-wall having a very short life. It crumbles as soon as water dries up. It is said, “World is a mere dream and a juggler’s play.” This magic show, with no reality, lasts only for a while. Sant Kirpal Singh From a lecture by Sant Kirpal Singh, […]

Humility and simplicity

Humility does not consist in hiding our talents and virtues, in thinking ourselves worse and more ordinary than we are, but in possessing a clear knowledge of all that is lacking in us, and not exalting ourselves for that which we have, seeing that God has freely given it to us, for with all His […]

Contentment and detachment

Masters do not say that you must leave everything (and retire to solitude). Live in the world, earn money, but live above it, so that you are not attached with those things. If you remain attached to those worldly things, you will have to come back to suffer with those things. Everyone will have to […]

Nothing dies in nature

Death and deathlessness both inhere in the nature of all that is – all that combines in itself both matter and spirit. Matter is but a projecting screen for the spirit – the all-pervading spirit that attracts matter in varying degrees of densities and vibrations to manifest itself in various patterns of forms and colours, […]


Karma is the cause of rebirth; and each birth is, in turn, followed by death. There the cycle of enjoyment and suffering results. Some are happy; some are not happy. So, “as you think, so you become.” Ignorance of the law is no excuse, mind that.  Sant Kirpal Singh …whatever a man sows, that he […]

Positive and negative power

These are two powers made by God: One of creation, the other receding back. Like electricity: somewhere it burns like fire, and somewhere, it congeals water into ice. Sant Kirpal Singh Television Interview with Sant Kirpal Singh, Mexiko-City, Dec.11th, 1972: Question: […] we would like to ask you if you are in accordance with the […]

Prayer, the condition of the heart

Prayer is the condition of the heart. Prayer is the condition of one’s thought. Dr. Harbhajan Singh Dr. Harbhajan Singh on prayer: Prayer is the condition of the heart. Prayer is the condition of one’s thought. Maybe it is not spoken, but it is there, like a fire which is dormant. So some people make […]

Life is like a journey

These contacts are for a temporary period, to wind up all give and take – just as you go on the train. When your station comes, you jump down. Others may be dragging you, but you don’t remain on the train, do you? Similarly, when the give and take is up, man has to go, […]