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Video “Man, know thyself”

In the category spirituality – literature and media, there is a new contribution to the video series on the commonalities found in different religions. Video: Man, know thyself:

Message for Christmas and the New Year

With the words of Sant Kirpal Singh, we wish you a blessed Christmas and all the best for the New Year! There is suffering in the world, and men and women wander in darkness. In such a world let us go about giving love and compassion to all. Let us serve the poor and broken […]

In honour of Dr. Harbhajan Singh

On the occasion of his birthday, a publication in honour of Dr. Harbhajan Singh, that also shows how Kirpal Sagar was brought up, is ready for free download: Anniversary publication: In Honour of Dr. Harbhajan Singh Whenever anybody asked Dr. Harbhajan Singh, “Do you need anything?”, he answered, “For myself I do not need anything, […]


Prayer is the condition of the heart. Prayer is the condition of one’s thought. Dr. Harbhajan Singh on prayer: Prayer is the condition of the heart. Prayer is the condition of one’s thought. Maybe it is not spoken, but it is there, like a fire which is dormant. So some people make prayers just to […]

Peace starts from the heart

Interview with Dr. Harbhajan Singh, Unity of Man Conference February 1994: Question: The situation in the world is very bad, many wars are going on, people don‘t understand each other, there is so much hatred and ill will. What can be done in this respect? Dr. Harbhajan Singh: We should start from ourselves, because first […]

Outer and inner religion

“God made man, and man made religions.” Our purpose is to let people know the true religion, the inner religion, that is one and the ­same for everybody, and it is without any shackle. If there are problems in the world, it is not due to the true religion, but due to the shackles, the […]

Forgive and forget

Justice is good, but what forgiveness can bring about, justice can never do. To err is human, and to forget about the mistakes of others is not a big thing. Dr. Harbhajan Singh From a lecture by Dr. Harbhajan Singh: By forgiving, the poison of revenge dilutes and does not kill the man, and the […]

In the Beginning was the Word

The Absolute God is wordless, imageless and nameless. When it came into being, it was called Word or Naam. “Naam” is nothing more nor less than Godhood of God; one may call it what one may like – the Holy Spirit, the Comforter, etc. It is the primal manifestation of God, responsible for the entire […]

Love and yearning

It is said, he who finds the love within himself, shall have no rival in the world. All his hardships are finished, he has no enemy, for him there is no problem in the world, because he has found the source of love within himself. Dr. Harbhajan Singh Sant Kirpal Singh beautifully described the very […]