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Kirpal Sagar webcam

There is a new live webcam of our project Kirpal Sagar in India in the category “activities” > Kirpal Sagar and if you follow this link: unity-of-man.org/live-webcam-kirpal-sagar

In remembrance of Biji Surinder Kaur

On March 10th, we celebrated Biji Surinder Kaur’s birthday and at the same time had March 19th in view, the day of her departure. When such dates follow each other so closely, it symbolically illustrates how short and limited life is. Biji’s whole personality showed how valuable this limited span can be if one uses […]

The Beauty of the Saints

Saints, by their practical example, make us aspire to lead a spiritual life in perfection. Even after hundreds of years, people remember them with veneration and try to follow their footsteps, even if they themselves never noted down a single word. It is a great blessing to meet such a perfect being showing us an […]

Peace starts from our hearts

Interview with Dr. Harbhajan Singh, Unity of Man Conference February 1994: Question: The situation in the world is very bad, many wars are going on, people don‘t understand each other, there is so much hatred and ill will. What can be done in this respect? Dr. Harbhajan Singh: We should start from ourselves, because first […]

A peaceful Christmas

With this message of Sant Kirpal Singh from 1964 we wish you a peaceful Christmas and a blessed and happy New Year! Dear Ones, The whole creation came into being by the ‘Word‘ or ‘Naam’ – the God-into-Expression Power. The whole creation is the temple of God. There is no place where He is not. […]

Video: Ethical life

Watch a new video on “ethical life” here or in the category “literature and media“:

In remembrance of Dr. Harbhajan Singh

It has been twenty-five years that we took leave of Dr. Harbhajan Singh, but still he is very close. His picture is reflected in Kirpal Sagar, which he built together with his wife Biji Surinder Kaur in the name of Sant Kirpal Singh. He himself used to say: “Kirpal Sagar is my heart. Who knows […]

Biji Surinder Kaur’s 80th birthday

This year on March 10th, Biji Surinder Kaur’s eightieth birthday is cheerfully celebrated, and everyone feels close to her, whether they knew her or not. The promotion of women and girls was an issue of great importance to her, so the “Daughters of Punjab” day (external link) is always celebrated in Kirpal Sagar on this […]

Video: The true temple of God

This video illustrates the significance of the symbols of unity in Kirpal Sagar. You also find it in the category “literature and media”. The symbols are models of the four most common types of sacred buildings: a Sikh temple, a Hindu temple, a mosque and a church. These typical forms are known in all religious […]