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WORLD CONFERENCE on Unity of Man - 2007

The World Conference took place from 1-11 December at Kirpal Sagar

In Dec 2007, the project Kirpal Sagar, under the presidency of Mrs. Biji Surinder Kaur, celebrated its silver jubilee and the 75th birth anniversary of the late Dr Harbhajan Singh.

The core of the Conference was the unveiling of the Symbols on the top of the central building in Kirpal Sagar in the midst of the beautiful lake, the Sarovar. The day of the inauguration of these Symbols had been eagerly expected. Twenty- five years had passed by since the first cut of the spade had started the work for the Sarovar at the time of Dr Harbhajan Singh. The inauguration of the Symbols was the crowning achievement of years of work on behalf of Sant Kirpal Singh.

The Conference was all in all a 10 days event with a manifold scope of activities, corresponding to the multiple aspects of the Project. With regard to the spiritual base of Kirpal Sagar one field of attention was the inter-religious dialogue, as religious tolerance is a must in a growing multicultural world community. Twenty-nine invited speakers gave their presentations on Dec 9-10, the main conference days.

A further field of attention was the charity programme, which was to set a practical example: goodwill should lead to action. For that, as support for socially disadvantaged people, on Dec 1st a free 'Medical Camp' was started, which continued till January, and on Dec 6 wedding ceremonies were celebrated, sponsored by Unity of Man for the daughters of needy families.

A complementary conference programme took place on Dec 7 in Amritsar in honour of Dr Harbhajan Singh, since Sant Kirpal Singh had initiated the work for Kirpal Sagar at Nag Kalan near Amritsar at the time of Dr Harbhajan Singh, who had his residence there.

The manifold social programmes, events and presentations gave the opportunity to come together and become acquainted with people from all over the world as well as with the Indian culture. It was beautiful to see how easily people became friendly with one another without regard to creed, colour, nationality or castes.

Beside attendees from all over India, people from about twenty other nations participated: Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Netherlands, Sweden, Hungary, Belgium, Canada, France, England, Italy, Australia, Croatia, Slovenia, Romania, Paraguay, Kenya, Czech Republic, Spain, Syria, Montenegro and Bulgaria.

The inner and outer beauty of the venue Kirpal Sagar created an atmosphere that let everybody feel peace and harmony. May this spirit of the moment continue to spread throughout the world which was so easy to achieve during these days: to be good, to do good, and to be one.

WORLD CONFERENCE on Unity of Man - 1994

The World Conference took place from 3-6 February at Kirpal Sagar

After 12 years of construction work, the Project had then reached a considerable standard under the chairmanship of Dr Harbhajan Singh. It was moving towards a new phase, which should be started with the laying of the foundation-stone of the central building in the Sarovar which today carries the Symbols of inner unity.

On 3 February the event started off with a procession from Chandigarh to Kirpal Sagar by car. On the way, an official reception was held in Rahon. In the evening, the Inaugural Session was held at the meeting hall at Kirpal Sagar. Dr. Harbhajan Singh opened the conference with the following words:

Dear brothers and sisters, we have come together in the sweet remembrance of Sant Kirpal Singh. His teaching is spreading all over the world. He gave us this experience which is described in all Holy Scriptures. His birthday is going to be celebrated everywhere in the world.

Why do people remember Him? Because He was not a Master of one religion – He came for everyone, He came for the whole humanity. He broke all barriers and loved everyone. Similarly, when Guru Nanak went to Mecca, he was asked to which religion he belonged. He answered, 'If God is Hindu, I am a Hindu; if God is Moslem, I am a Moslem; if God is Christian, I am a Christian. I am born in a Hindu family but I belong to the religion of God.'

When such powers come into the world, they neither condemn any religion nor create any new religion. We have gathered here not to hold up any particular religion or community but to hold up the humanity. Man should become a real man who loves everyone, otherwise he is not really a man.

On 4 February Mr. Chaudri Santoch Singh, Chief Parliament Secretary of the Federal State of Punjab, welcomed all the guests on behalf of the Government.

Four panel Conferences dealt with the subjects:
The responsibility of ethically orientated politics and science
The basic unity of religions
Education as man-making
Spirituality – the base for world-wide unity

On 5 February the delegates from India and abroad gave their speeches. It is remarkable that after a period of 20 years Sadhus and Swamis were present who had personally known Sant Kirpal Singh and had met Him at the Kumbha Mela in Hardwar in 1974.

On 6 February was the celebration of Sant Kirpal Singh's 100th Birthday Anniversary. the laying of the foundation-stone for the building in the Sarovar was the highlight of the conference. A welded steel-box containing Sant Kirpal Singh’s books and scriptures, partially on microfilms and printed paper, had been prepared to be used as foundation stone. In these books Sant Kirpal Singh explained the common truth of all religions, so this act symbolised that the building is founded on truth. A biography of Sant Kirpal Singh and coins from all over the world were also included in the box, referring to his saying that the various countries of the world are just like chambers in the house of the Lord.

The conference was supported by a social programme:
Inauguration of the Home for the aged by Mr Chaudri Santoch Singh, Chief Parliament Secretary of the Punjab
Inauguration of the guest house
Opening of the programme of medical check-ups and treatments by Mr S. Lakhmir Singh Randhawa, Education Minister of the Punjab

More than thousand patients used the opportunity to get medical check ups and treatments. A medical team of the government performed eye examinations and eye operations.  

WORLD CONFERENCE on Unity of Man - 1974

The onset of the Unity of Man movement


The World Conference on Unity of Man commenced on 3 February, 1974 under the sponsorship of Sant Kirpal Singh and ended on 6 February, 1974. Religious, political and social leaders from all over India and some hundred delegates from all over the world, nearly from 30 countries, participated in the Conference.

The Conference had an impressing start with a great procession with well over a hundred thousand men, women, and children from eighteen countries. Different races, nationalities and creeds marched side by side along the three and half miles distance on the main streets of Delhi to reach the venue of the Conference at Ramlila Grounds. Sant Kirpal Singh and the heads of the various religious formations walked in front followed by the delegations from various countries: Australia, Austria, Canada, Columbia, Ecuador, England, France, Germany, Ghana, Greece, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Malta, Nigeria, Thailand, and the United States were all represented at the Conference.

From every point of view the World Conference on Unity of Man was a tremendous success. Over four hundred delegates from all parts of the world and two thousand from all over India participated in the deliberations. It was a unique performance, the first of its kind since the time of Ashoka, as Sant Kirpal Singh said.

The Conference split up into four Panel Conferences or seminars, in which different aspects of the idea of the unity of man were examined in depth. The four panels were as follows:

1. Unity of Man - One world
2. Current world problems affecting the unity of man
3. World harmony
4. The essential unity of all religions

Many prominent participants contributed to the open sessions and panel sessions with a speech. The religious leaders inclu­ded: Nichidatsu Fuji – Buddhist leader from Japan; Pir Vilayat Inayat Khan – head of the International Order of the Sufis; Acharya Sri Tulsi Ji – Jain leader; Dr. Angelo Fernandes – Roman Catholic Archbishop of Delhi; Lama Kushak Bakula – Head Lama from Ladakh; Mufti Atquil Rehman – Muslim leader.

On 5th February, Indira Gandhi, at that time Prime Minister of India, participated with members of her cabinet to address the World Conference on Unity of Man. In addition, many other ministers of the Union of India, members of Parliament and state officials addressed the conference or took part in the panel discussions.

Beside the Conference there was a a free Kirpal homoeopathic dispensary and camp hospital set up at the Ramlila Grounds in Delhi. Dr Harbhajan Singh being a physican by profession served as a doctor of the medical staff during the conference.

This World Conference was the onset of the Unity of Man movement and has served as a model for the follow-up conferences until now.


The Unity of Man Conferences take up the line of the first World Conference on Unity of Man under the presidency of Sant Kirpal Singh, which was the beginning of the movement. In His auspicious welcome speech Sant Kirpal Singh highlighted the Conference aims:

"This convention aims to unite all mankind on the common ground of service to fellow human beings and Faith in Divine Power, and to accomplish that, it urges the religious and ethical leadership of the world to shed apathy and aloofness and assume a more prominent role in human affairs. Such conferences in the past have been organized at the level of religions, and consequently have not been able to achieve integration in the required measure. A significant feature of this conference is that it is being organized at the level of man, as envisioned by saints and prophets like Socrates, Buddha, Mohammed, Christ, Kabir, and Nanak, so that it may lead to true integration.

I am confident that each one of us fully realizes the significance of this cosmopolitan meeting and will extend his whole-hearted support toward the fulfillment of its objectives: developing human understanding and heralding the unity of mankind. Let us pledge ourselves to this task, transcending all narrow allegiances and commitments, and stand united and resolute until its ultimate fulfillment."

After the first World Conference on the Unity of Man 1974 in Delhi, among a series of national and local meetings and smaller conferences, two World Conferences in 1994 and 2007 at Kirpal Sagar set milestones on the way. The line of conferences have resulted in a warm and constant contact with representatives of different faiths and public personalities. In a smaller or larger scale conferences on the unity of man are being convened from time to time, encouraging to live the ideal of unity in day-to-day life.

"Be good – do good – be one"
Message given by Sant Kirpal Singh, 1972