In our centers everyone is welcome to know more about spirituality and to reflect on the purpose of human life in a peaceful atmosphere away from all worldly affairs.

In Austria, Canada, Croatia, France, Germany and India centres have developed or are in a coming-up status.

Here we plan our activities, provide information about our project Kirpal Sagar in India and supply free literature and media like CDS, DVDs etc. In each centre lectures on different aspects of spirituality – Satsangs – are regularly given on weekends

It has ever been a significant criterion of spirituality that it must be available for everybody freely and openly, just like sun and air are given freely and openly by nature.

The attendance of the lectures, the visits in our centres, including vegetarian meals, are free of charge. It is but natural that the centres are a non smoking and non alcoholic area.

AUSTRIA – Sankt Gilgen: every Sunday at 10:00 AM
CANADA – Toronto/Markham: every Sunday at 10:00 AM
                and Toronto/3473 Lake Shore Blvd West, monthly, Saturday
CROATIA – Rovinj: every Sunday at 10:00 AM
GERMANY – Pforzheim: every Sunday at 10:30 AM
INDIA – Kirpal Sagar: every Sunday at 10:00 AM
ROMANIA – Oradea: once per month on a Saturday at 10:00 AM
                      Cluj: once per month on a Saturday at 17:00 PM
FRANCE – Schoenenbourg: every first Sunday of the month at 10:30 AM

For detailed information don't hesitate to CONTACT US.


Selfless service unto others is service to God

Sant Kirpal Singh liked to remind, "Men are related to each other like the different parts of the body. If there is pain in one part of the body, then the whole body seems to suffer. Man is the very image of Love; and a true man is he who lives for others."

From the very beginning of the project Kirpal Sagar, humanitarian help has been provided to needy people of the surroundings. In the course of thirty years, these activities have been extended to remote and deprived areas in the north of India. Parallel to the practical contributions, the understanding of the ideal of unity can help to remedy the situation from the roots.

Help is provided in the following fields:

MEDICAL CARE – Kirpal Charitable Hospital, free medical camps and eye operations

EDUCATION – Public School and Kirpal Sagar Academy, B.E.D. College

PEOPLE SERVICES – home for the aged and for the blind

PROFESSIONAL JOB TRAINING and job opportunities to local people

BASIC SUPPORT OF PEOPLE IN NEED – such as widows, orphans and couples from needy families




"Be good – do good – be one" sums up the teachings of Sant Kirpal Singh

"Be good" means to lead a life of higher values, "do good", means that a true human not only lives for himself, but also lives for others. "Be one" means to realize the unity of the soul with the Godpower and thus the unity of all life, and to live according to this highest consciousness.

The different aspects of the movement and its projects are ways to put this ideal into practice. All our activities are carried out by cooperation of people from all the world over – different from nation, language and religion, but one from heart.


KIRPAL SAGAR  our main project is dedicated to help man to develop all around – socially, intellectually and spiritually.

CENTRES have been set up in various countries; besides, regular lectures are given at different places.
CONFERENCES ON THE UNITY OF MAN or various events regularly take place at Kirpal Sagar.

CHARITABLE ACTIVITIES in India supply help in the field of medicine, education, professional job training, etc.


All activities are performed in an honorary capacity and the resources are derived exclusively from voluntary contributions.


The central project of Unity of Man

Kirpal Sagar belongs to all mankind and helps man to develop all around – not only physically and intellectually but also spiritually. It is a centre for man-making and man-service.

People can come to Kirpal Sagar at any time and get whatever they need. Whoever comes here will not go empty-handed, but will get for whatever purpose he has come. If someone wants medical help, he can get it. If he is needy, Kirpal Sagar can provide social help, if he wants to solve the purpose of human life and get nourishment for the soul, he can get it. Even if someone comes only to view the place, he will get something.

Harbhajan Singh

The project Kirpal Sagar has been set up since 1982 in the Punjab/North India under the chairmanship of Dr Harbhajan Singh and his wife Mrs Surinder Kaur and in cooperation with voluntary helpers from East and West. All are committed to put the ideal of humanity and unity into practice.

Kirpal Sagar maintains various facilities:









SAROVAR – a sacred place for silence and contemplation

Kirpal Sagar sets an example for practically lived tolerance and peaceful co-operation of human beings belonging to different countries, religions and social classes. The project all in all serves as a model for a spiritual life with higher values, furthering the realization of the basic human rights.



Reminding us that God resides in man

The symbols on the central building in the Sarovar were originally designed by Sant Kirpal Singh. Models of a gurdawara, a temple, a church, and a mosque are standing side by side.

Their traditional shapes relate to the human body – temples and churches are dome-shaped, similar to the human head; the towers of Christian churches look like the ascending nose, at the root of which the inner eye is located, and the domes of the mosques resemble the human forehead.

It is the message of all religions that man is able to attain Godknowledge by 'tapping' inside. Saints, mystics of East and West, at all times, got inner knowledge by way of contemplation and meditation. This is why the human body is called 'temple of God'.

The outer houses of worship built of stones are just symbols of the body and there may be many ways of outer worship, but the direct inner way back to God is one. Human life is a golden opportunity to reach the highest goal: To be one with God. This is what the symbols stand for. To revive this knowledge and give practical access to it is the main purpose of the mission of Sant Kirpal Singh.

"Be good – do good – be one"
Message given by Sant Kirpal Singh, 1972